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To Renee, ~In loving memory of her mother, Maria~ Love, Jimmy and Franklin...

Memorial created 11-5-2007 by
renee~mommy 2 skye harrison, daughter of maria romanchick both on vm~
February 18 1926 - November 16 2001

~this is for you and baby skye~

i love and miss my mom and baby so much... please visit my lil' angel, ~SKYE ANGEL HARRISON~ here on vm!


~grandma's lil' angel~

i know my mom is holding lil' skye in her loving arms, cuddling and rocking, singing a sweet lullabye... my baby is safe and content in grandma's loving embrace!


~there's no love sweeter than a mother and a child~

just sending hugz and kisses to my 2 very special angels... always and forever!


~sweetest hugz~

mom's and grandma's give the bestest hugz ever...


~in my heart~

always and forever... forever loved, forever missed! i love you sweet skye angel...


~sweet love~

so pure and innocent...


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