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Memorial created 07-26-2007
Steven Boyd
December 6 1958 - July 25 2007

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07-27-2007 4:43 PM -- By: Monica & Teresa Scroggins,  From: Katy, Becky's Academy of Dance & S.Boyd Ensemble  

Steven was and in our hearts will always be an amazing man. He was absolutely wonderful with our kids. He was an absolutely wonderful MENTOR for our children. Monica had the pleasure to dance for Steven at Becky's Academy of Dance and also in his Junior Ensemble (for the last 2 years). She misses him terribly. But knows that he will always be in her heart. I am sure she will continue to look at the window in Becky's to see if Steven is in the window watching, making sure the dancers inside are giving it their all at all times. I just tell her that she needs to make sure she is dancing from her heart at all times, because Steven is in their encouraging her at all times. Thank you Steven for all you have given my daughter, she will take it with her for life. You are terribly missed by us. GOD BLESS YOU & REST IN PEACE. Unfortunately your time on earth with us is through, but we know you are in heaven watching us all. Good Bye for know.

Love, Monica & Teresa Scroggins

07-27-2007 4:41 PM -- By: Stacy Hardin,  From: Illinois  

Steven, You will missed but never forgotten.................... Stacy

07-27-2007 4:40 PM -- By: Ellen Ward,  From: Becky's Academy of Dance/ Teaxas  

Mr.Steven,..he was always funny, when he wanted to be. If he wanted to be serious in what he was doing he would clap his hands once and the whole room would go silent. I dont know what we will do with out him necause he gave us soo much confidence and all of his dances were incredible. Everone had this certain respect for him. It was such an honor to be in a dance that he had coreographed. When we would go to the competitions i remember seeing him in this purple suit and when i looked down at the ground there were his purple shoes. I loved how he always had this incredible spirt among him and i am sure that he definatley hasnt lost it in heaven. He would always say "SOUKI SOUKI NOWW" everyone craked up. If you messed up in his class he wouldnt say who it was he would walk around them. it was pretty funny. He always had something new to teach you, and he was a very cool guy. He taught me my jazz character dance and we got many awards for it. Also I took a academy class on the side of doing a company dance with him i wanted to have him weekly. So i took a jazz and lyrical class that we preformed the dances at recital. Also this year i was going to have him as a regular, in company, he was going to teach my lyrical dance and as we all know he is spectacular in that area, but know i imagine that he is teaching the angels the dances that he was going to teach us, and i know that his spirt will love on forever.

With unconditional love from your dancer, Ellen

07-27-2007 4:36 PM -- By: bernadette,  From: Lafayette, La.  

By:Bernadette From:Lafayette, La. Steven was one of the most amazing teachers I have ever studied with. He came to my studio in Jennings, La. for the first time in 1999 to teach master classes and choreograh routines for my show. He was such an inspiration to me and my students. Ihave so many fond memories of Steven. He will truly be missed by all who had the chance to meet and study with him. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. I know you will be dancing up there with my mother who dearly loved you.

07-27-2007 4:31 PM -- By: Ali Mudano,  From: Tampa, FL  

Steven Boyd was the definition of a great person. His classes were always a blast. He will be missed greatly.

07-27-2007 4:30 PM -- By: Taylor Shank,  From: katy/ texas  

I love Steven very much. He was my teacher for dance and for boyd ensamble. It is very sad that he passed away but I believe that he is allways watching over us because he is in a better place. And with that said i hope he has everybody at his ceramony that really loves him and cares for him and his family. So please show you care by writing in his guest book to Thank you steven Love, Taylor Shank

07-27-2007 4:26 PM -- By: Barry Kyle,  From:  

I've known Steven for about 25 years, and had the honor of teaching and touring with him for 10 years. He was a great teacher-choreographer and friend. He will be greatly missed. He has influenced so many lives in the dance community, that he will never be forgotten.

07-27-2007 4:17 PM -- By: Melissa Hammond,  From: Woodlands,TX  

Steven Boyd and the Houston Dance Center was my life for 4+ and I'm so saddened to hear of his passing. I'll always remember the humor and fun he brought to each and every class he taught and the awesome technique and choreography his gave to so many dancers. I feel like a part of my childhood is gone today and I pray for Steven and everyone who was blessed to have know him.


07-27-2007 4:14 PM -- By: bernadette,  From: Lafayette, La.  

Steven was one of the most amazing teahers that I have ever studied with. He came to my studio for the first time in l999, to teach master classes and choreograph routines for my show. He was such an inspiration to me and my students. I have so many fond memories of Steven. He will be truly missed by all who had the chance to meet and study with him.

07-27-2007 3:40 PM -- By: Doris Hoff,  From: Katy,Texas-Beck'ys Academy of Dance  

To: Our Wonderful Mr. Steven "The Jazz Man"

We have had 28 years of wonderful friendship. Oh, how we love you! You will be missed more than you will ever know. You have touched Becky's life as well as our personal families life and the lives of all the dancers at Becky's Academy. (Our big family.)

Your work is done on this earth. Time has come, God needs a Master Choreographer in heaven. God needs you more than us, you are now teaching at God's mansion the biggest dance facility in the universe.

Thank you for your love, your wonderful talents, laughter, silly pranks, your wonderful smile, your encouragement and trust. You have taught all of us, so much about life, not just dance.

There is a time when all good things must end. Today we celebrate one of those "good things", your life. One of those good things that spread joy of dance talent and love of life.

Fly Away with that wonderful smile!!!

Hugs Forever, Ms. Doris

07-27-2007 3:32 PM -- By: Maegan,  From: Dance Expressions, Friendswood Tx  

Mr.Steven, I loved you so much,not just your dancing,but your kindness and humor too! I had no idea I would have to say goodbye so fast. I miss your huge smile and awesome personality when you walk into the studio. Thank you for sharing the gift you have with me. You weren't just my teacher you are also my role model. Every time I dance, you will be in my heart! Love Maegan M.

07-27-2007 3:22 PM -- By: Kayla Bourque,  From: Dance Expressions  

I never got to personally meet Steven, but I was looking forward to him teaching my daughter when she got old enough. I enjoyed watching his choreography at the recitals. He's probably teaching the angels to dance right now.

07-27-2007 3:15 PM -- By: Julia Stanton,  From: Texas  

Mr. Steven Boyd was a very nice Teacher and friend. I was going to try out for his Jazz dance and was very excited to get to know him even more. He was very good and giving us cofendance in what we are about to do. He was allways chering on everyone even if he didn't know them

Your dancer,


07-27-2007 3:10 PM -- By: Brianne Macik,  From: Dance Expressions  

Mr. Steven was always the best teacher and I will always have him in my heart when i dance throughout these years. You were always the funnest teacher i have had and i will never forget you.

07-27-2007 3:06 PM -- By: Renee Bayer,  From: Katy,Tx  

Mr.Steven was a great dancer and teacher. He always made me smile! He will be with in my heart forever!!Love,Renee

07-27-2007 3:05 PM -- By: Lacey Lewey,  From: Dance Expressions  

I thank god for the time I had to be a student of Steven Boyd. Thanks for all the laughs, and thanks for always believing in me. I will miss those Wednesday classes with you. I will never forget you.

Love, Lacey

07-27-2007 2:57 PM -- By: erica nelson,  From: beckys dance academy katy texas  

The first time i took a class with Mr. Steven was when i was in the 4th grade. It was a master class and i was scared to death of him. He was hard but always expected the best from us. He choreographed my first solo when i was in the 6th grade and i learned that he wasnt so scary but really funny. He loved us and we loved him. He taught us so much about dance and working together as a team. I will miss him and will always cherish the things that he taught me. I will miss him yelling LOUD when we were on stage and the hugs when we came off. And even when HE messed up and sent ramalama out at the wrong time during recital...we knew he loved us even when he tried to blame us for it...haha. I love you and will see you one day in heaven.

Love, Erica

07-27-2007 2:48 PM -- By: Morgyn Conrad,  From: Friendswood  

Steven, it is amazing to see how much of an impact youve had on so many people's lives. After being with you every wednesday and thursday.. I cant imagine what life will be like without you. I came to you a couple of years ago after I had taken a break from dance, and not only did you catch me back up.. but you taught me more in just a couple of years than I ever imagined. Your not just a great dance teacher.. but youve taught me morals and life lessons that will stay with me forever. I loved how you could make dance so much fun.. I was always so excited to come into your class.. you taught me how to laugh and smile, but work my hardest at the same time. We all miss you so much.. and you will never be forgotten. We love you!! -Morgyn

07-27-2007 2:45 PM -- By: NHPA,  From: Spring, TX  

Steven Boyd was such a special part of our lives. We were all a part of the incredible 5-year run of his studio Steven Boyd Houston Dance Center in the early 90s (either as co-owners or dancers/students) and also made our transition to opening NHPA with him in 1994. When I think of Steven, the first images that pop into my head are of him playing the cowbell during class, his unique "Vop" style inherited from his mentor Frank Hatchett, his bellowing and uplifting yell "...heeeeeyyyyyy!!!!..." when he's inspired by dancing and/or good music, and his classic facial expression of turning his head to the side, still looking at you out of the corner of his eyes, and pursing his lips together as if to say "OOOOOhhhh, I know that didn't just happen!".

For me, being under the influence of Steven's teaching, training, and awesome friendship is what encouraged me to continue further with my dance career and opened up so many opportunities for me that may not have been there had our paths not crossed. His influence can be found in the incredible people that I've met, the establishment of our studio, NHPA, and in my skills as a choreographer...all of these elements in my life have a foundation that includes Steven.

Steven Boyd will remain embedded in our hearts forever...we love you dearly Mr. Steve! We know you're still dancing out there and "poofin' " whomever gets in your way! ;)

With our sincerest and deepest love,

NHPA (Amy, Ken, Dawn, Punkin'-head (Matt), Allison, and Jessica)

07-27-2007 2:00 PM -- By: Kim and Kaylee Hennigan,  From: Kim's Performing Arts Centre  

Our prayers are with Steven's family and we thank God for Steven and what he did for the dancers and for us. We will miss him everyday and he will be thought of evertime we dance.

07-27-2007 1:58 PM -- By: AnneMarie McVicar,  From: Dedham, MA  

I am deeply saddened on hearing about Steven's passing. I took classes from him as a teenager and he actually judged my students this past year. My prayers go out to his family and friends. He will be greatly missed.

07-27-2007 1:50 PM -- By: Maya Sederholm,  From: Steven Boyd Dance Ensemble  

Steven, I am so glad that I got to know you so well at Boyd Ensemble. I will never forget those long Sundays when you would get slap-happy and not be able to do anything but make us laugh. And I felt so honored when you would walk around staring at me and saying, "Now I'm not going to mention names, but someone..." That always put me in an attitude to work even harder. You were such an inspiration and I miss you so much.

Love, Maya

07-27-2007 1:47 PM -- By: Brandi Smith Zeringue,  From: Opelousas, LA  

Steven...I never thought that I would have to say good bye so soon. You have taught me so many things that I will always remember. I will never forget the fun we had working together! I know God called you for a reason and I know you will be looking down on us. You have touched my heart in so many ways and it was an honor to be with you as you did the same for others who crossed your path. Now I can say you are truly an angel! Thank you for everything you have done for me and for being my mentor and friend. I will do my best to pass on the wonderful things you have accomplished and done, to my students. I know you would not want me to be sad, so I am trying my best. May God bless you and keep you near. I love you and will never forget you. You will always have a special place in my heart! -Brandi

07-27-2007 1:02 PM -- By: Jana Enloe,  From: Houston, TX  

So many lives have been touched, inspired and enlightened by Steven's charismatic and loving personality. I am so thankful for the time my girls, Janie and Bailey, had learning from you, not only beautiful dance technique, but also the meaning behind why they dance and how to portray that on stage for the world to see. Steven you stood so strong in your faith and it was noticed by all. That purple suit suit is going to look beautiful on those golden streets! Dance with the angels (and show them a few things!). You will be greatly misssed here, but never forgotten. See you at the gates! With love and my greatest sympathy to all those who loved you. Jana Enloe

07-27-2007 12:57 PM -- By: Marcie Heitzman,  From: Pearland, Texas  

We are so sad to hear about Steven. My daughter, Julia, was fortunate enough to be able to dance with Steven this past year and looked forward to this year with Mr. Steven. She learned so much from him and LOVED his class! She never wanted to miss a Wednesday-even when she was sick. It is amazing how much she learned from just one season with Steven. He was an amazing person. Our life has been brightened just by knowing Steven for one year. He will forever live on in the lives of his many students, colleagues, family, and friends. We will keep Steven and his family in our thoughts and prayers...for always.

"The person who has vision sees the invisible, hears the inaudible, believes the incredible, and thinks the unthinkable...but achieves the impossible."

Thank you Mr. Steven!!

07-27-2007 12:46 PM -- By: Katie Prince,  From:  

Steven was one of the most amazing people and choreographers I have ever met. I looked forward to his class every wednesday and LOVED dancing for him. As mean and as harsh as the dance-world can be, steven always had a smile and he always believed in me. I miss him so much, I can not even imagine walking into an empty classroom. He was such an inspiration and a huge source of perserverence and determination for me. I hope he knows how much he is loved. I miss you steven! I DANCE FOR YOU.

07-27-2007 12:15 PM -- By: Lori & Caitlin Sacco,  From: Katy, TX  

Mr. Steven thank you for being such a wonderful teacher for Caitlin and we are so blessed to have worked with you. You will be greatly missed and I know everyone will turn to God for strength that only he can give at a time like this. Also, thank you for your concerns and for praying for Caitlin and your kind words will never be forgotten. You were a very positive teacher for Caitlin and you encouraged her in many ways. You will be missed but know you are in such a better place in heaven.

Blessings on you and your family!

07-27-2007 12:11 PM -- By: DONNA BURKE,  From: OCEAN SPRINGS MS  



07-27-2007 11:54 AM -- By: COME TO MEMORIAL,  From: FRIENDSWOOD  


The address is Stevenson Park, 1100 S. Friendswood Dr, Friendswood, TX 77546.

07-27-2007 11:54 AM -- By: Melissa Sidenblad,  From: Conroe, TX now living in Pueblo, Colorado  

Steven was one of the greatest inspirational teachers I have known. He has touch so many people in many ways. His creativity will never be forgotten.

The most memorable piece for me is his "Mother's Fear" Piece.

I am saddened that many future dancers will not have the privilege to learn and be inspired by him. He could bring so much out in so many different ways in many and push you in ways you never thought you could go. He will truly be missed. May he always be rememberd and celebrated.

Melissa S.


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