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Memorial created 03-2-2007 by
Sheri Volkes
Sophia R. DiMeglio
March 5 1937 - September 26 2006

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04-12-2009 10:10 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hi Mom.. Happy Easter in Heaven .


I hope your day was as beautiful as you are , Thanks for sharing  a piece of your chocolate Easter eggs, today , very yummy , Mom I Miss you so much , Mom your strength,,,oh boy it get's me through days like today and when other things are going on, when I look up and talk to you I feel your strength, you get me through all my tough times Thank you for being the best  mother anyone could ask for.      

I Love You with all my HEART & Soul

Hugsss & Kisses

Happy Easter

Daughter Debra


04-12-2009 9:00 AM -- By: ERIK,  From:  


04-10-2009 7:09 PM -- By: CAROL,  From:  

YOU WILL LIVE IN MY HEART FOREVER.!!!..  u were always one of the most important persons in my life .  i will always love and miss u ...Carol

03-30-2009 12:28 PM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Hi Mom

As you are probably aware... I GRADUATED. Horray! I am thrilled it's over, because I don't think I could have continued for much longer. Thanks to having your strength and determination, I succeeded and now I can finally take some time for me.

You got me through many rough, late nights, and I'm sure you heard me screaming your name for help. lol You were always my rock, and for that I will always be grateful.

I'm doing ok. Just feeling a bit burnt out, so I'm taking a break. I think of you every minute of every day, and I miss you more than I could ever express.

I decorated for Easter, and only because I knew you would want me to, but once again, I did it with a heavy heart since Holiday's will never be the same without you. I do these things for you Mom, because I still choose not to celebrate Holiday's without you. You were the Holiday's. You would always cook a feast, and decorate like no one else, and I miss that soooo... much.

Spring is here, and you and I would always shop for flowers to plant. I will do that for you this spring, and keep the tradition just as if you were here, because in my heart you are here Mom. You are always with me... in my heart, and in my thoughts... ALWAYS!

Sometime, I feel you close by. Please keep close, because your presence gives me comfort, ok? I Love you Mom & I Miss You very much. Sending HUGS & KISSES XXX 0000

Love, You're Daughter, Sheri

03-21-2009 10:00 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hi Mom 

Thinking of you as always .

I Miss You with all my Heart and Soul

I Love You

Huges & Kisses

Daughter Debra

03-07-2009 3:46 PM -- By: ERIK,  From:  





        LOVE ERIK

03-06-2009 10:30 AM -- By: Gerri Serghe,  From: Tomahawk Alberta  

Your love for your mom is so awesome and I know she hears every word you say to her . When a bond is that close,nothing can ever seperate your spirits, even when your bodies are so far apart.  My mom died 7 months ago and I have sat here crying for the past hour over your beautiful memorial and because I miss my mom so bad, every minute. Thanks for very much for showing me that I am not the only one who is consumed with these feeling that no-one should ever have to feel. I am so happy to know that my mom will be spending time with someone as awesome as your mom. Perhaps they are playing bingo together as I type. I am about to start a memorial for my mom "Joan Elspeth Taylor." Her birthday is on the 18th of this month and I can see how this site must have made your grief more bearable. I thank you so much for sharing your wonderful mother's life with me and wish we lived close to each other so I could talk to you. This is the first time anyone has even got close to what I am feeling. Love and hugs to you Sheri. You are indeed the replica of your mom with your strength....... She is so proud of you...Take care of yourself, she would want that and understands your sadness because she is missing you too.

03-06-2009 12:06 AM -- By: ERIK,  From: BROOKLYN  







03-05-2009 7:55 PM -- By: DaughterDebra ,  From:  

Happy Birthday in Heaven Mom

Mother, Your Love Will Live Forever Within Me

You gave me life, Nurtured and cared for me, and when you felt the time was right, you set me free. Through the years, never once did you complain or wish for things to be any different.  You simply took your life in stride, no questions asked, embracing the happy moments along with the sad, accepting all things for what they were.  That was your way.   

I didn't always understand or appreciate everything you did.  I was a child with my own innocent preception of the world.  Now, as a grown-up, I can reflect with such admiration and repect on the wonderful woman and mother you were. 

You stood with courage to meet the responsibilties that fell upon you, and sacrificed so much for the love of your children. What you have accomplished is more than you will ever realized.  When I think of all that  you  have done for our family and all the love you have so generously poured from your heart, I feel humbled. There will never be enough gratitude to offer to you or a means to repay you. But my heart will always be filled with the joy of knowing your love. 

 It is the most precious gift I have ever recieved, for it is the one you have wisely taught me to set free and share with others. 

I love you for being a caring person, a remarkable woman,and an exceptional mother.  This love that you have given will forever live within me.

Thank you for being my mother..

Mom you are Miss so much

I love you with all my Heart & Soul


Your Daughter  Debra

I hope you enjoy your cake



03-05-2009 7:38 PM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Happy Birthday Mom,

Daddy, Keith and I were so glad to be able to share your Birthday with you today. I hope you liked the flowers, balloons and cake. I know how much you love chocolate, so I'm sure you enjoyed it.

We sent balloons up to you in Heaven. Wasn't the Buterfly balloon beautiful? It soared so high, and we all watched them as they were making their way up to you.

Do you realize how much you are missed? Words cannot express enough how much you are, or how much you are loved. Life will neve be the same without you. For, when you left, you took such a huge piece of my heart, and I don't think it will ever be whole again.

It does not get easier with time. I miss you more and more every day, and at times, I can't believe your gone. The only thing that brings me a bit of comfort is knowing that I will see you again one day.

Til then my beautiful Mother.... please know that I love you with all my heart, and know...not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts.

Have a Happy Birthday Mom! Sending Hugs & Kisses XXX OOO

Love, Your're Daughter Sheri

03-05-2009 1:07 AM -- By: steve ,  From: canarsie  

always in our hearts and prays bless her always steve saka

03-05-2009 12:10 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Momma Sophia,

Happy Birthday In Heaven.As you know you share march with my momma,her Birthday and Angelversary.I know you are great friends in Heaven.It is so hard to say Happy Birthday to our Momma's in Heaven,for we want them still with us.To pick up the phone to share everything a mother and daugter shares.Seding you big hugzzz,and will you give Momma one from me..


Another tough day my friend.You and momma Sophia Rose are always in my heart and your in my prayers.Sending you lots of hugs today.xoxo

Love ya bunches,Rose

02-22-2009 11:29 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

"Letter going up to heaven....to my Mom

Dear Mom.....

Two ½ years from now, as a dream...long one ....passed away...all the bad nights that you didn't sleep, all the medicines that you've taken ,and all the pain....are now away.   

The fact that we miss you is the deepest now ....for I who looks at your picture every night and cry.,

For my son...who didn't have the chance to grow up more with you...for me ...your memory is stilled deeply inside my heart, mind and soul.

Dear God...Please but for mommy's sake ,for being so good with you and
everyone she knew .for us all...be graceful with her...don't leave her alone...let the angels keep her warm at night...let her soul fly around when she's got a vacation from "up"!

We miss you mommy....you memory is our inheritance now...
 mom we are with you all the time
we love you.....dear mom....

 Daughter Debra.


01-28-2009 10:53 PM -- By: ,  From:  

My Dearest Sheri,

I know its been awhile again.LOL! I do hope you are doing okay.I think of you and your beautiful Mother Sophia ~ Rose~ (i love that name) all the time.So I thought I would come and light this for her in her memory.God Bless and I love ya girl. Rose

01-28-2009 6:20 AM -- By: Trudy,  From:  

Good Morning Beautiful Angel Sophia and Sweet Sheri!

  I just wanted to take a second and let you know that I'm thinking about both of you!  I hope and pray that this year will be a good year for you!  I am always here if you need me !

Much Love to you!


01-25-2009 4:27 PM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Thinking of you Mom as I do every minute of every day, and wishing you were here.

I love you with all my heart.

Til we are together again, sending HUGS & KISSES XXX OOO

Love, Sheri


01-24-2009 9:36 AM -- By: Anita,  From: Spain  

Un saludo cariñoso a Ti.



01-23-2009 12:22 AM -- By: Daughter ,  From: Debra  




Daughter Debra

01-04-2009 11:09 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Always and forever in our hearts  

Dearest Sheri and Beautiful Angel Sophia and family~~ We wanted to come and wish you and your beautiful family a Happy New Year. Happy New Year in Heaven  Beautiful Angel Sophia~~ I can only imagine how you are lighting up Heaven with all of your beauty. Please wrap your beautiful Angel wings around your beautiful daughter Sheri and Debra and family and send them lots and lots of Heavenly hugs . What a very Beautiful Angel you are. Sheri we have missed you so much. I pray you all are doing ok. Please always know we are here for you. I wanted to thank you for all of your love and support and comfort you have given to me. Thank you Sheri for your friendship. We love you all dearly. Sending you love and hugs from our Hearts to yours~~ Love always your friend.....Darla


12-26-2008 12:27 AM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  


Today I found a penny,

Just laying on the ground.

 But it's not just a penny,

This little coin I've found.

Found pennies come from heaven.

That's what I was told.

I was told Angels toss them down. 

They say when an Angel misses you,

They toss a penny down,

Sometimes just to cheer you up,

To make a smile out of your frown.

So don't pass by that penny

When you're feeling blue;

It may be a Penny from Heaven

That an Angel's tossed to you

You are our Angel MOM

I Love you & Miss you Mom

Hugssss & Kisses


Mom I sit here to write you ,my head full of so much to say and then I get all chock up , This is very hard for me . I hope you like your presents today , Sheri dad,Keith, jimmy boy ,Frankie were eating all your chocolates, everyone know how you love to share , We Miss You Soooo Much,   MOM I keep finding pennies on the ground are you sending me pennies from Heaven..

12-25-2008 10:29 PM -- By: ,  From:  


Merry Christmas my friend.I had to come by and share some love and hugs.I got the video made of the tree and candle lighting if you would like to see it.It is on the first page.You will notice I said sophia rose.Love ya bunches sheri....


Sending you and momma hugzzz to Heaven.Thinking of you as always.And if there is some good wine in Heaven,you and  mom are probably having some fun.Love ya....Rose


12-25-2008 4:29 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Always and forever in our hearts  

Dearest Sheri and Beautiful Angel Sophia~~  Merry Christmas in Heaven Beautiful Angel Sophia  What a very beautiful Angel you are. We wanted to send you hugs to Heaven. Sheri we wanted to wish you and your beautiful family a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. I pray you all are ok. We have missed you so much. I want you to know we are always here for you. We love you .Thank you for all of the love and support and comfort you have given to us. Thank you for your friendship. There will always be a very special place for you in our hearts. Sending you love and hugs from my heartto yours~~ Love always....Darla


12-06-2008 12:01 AM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Hi Mom,

This is such a difficult time of the year for me. I wish you were here. You would be decorating now, and shopping for more decorations even though you didn't need more, but you enjoyed that so much. You loved this time of year, and you always made it so festive and beautiful.

Christmas in Heaven must be so beautiful. I only hope you know how very much you are missed. We all remain heart broken. The pain never goes away Mom, and we will NEVER stop missing you. You are in my thought every minute of every day.

I love you with all my heart. Sending Hugs & Kisses XXX OOO

Love, Sheri

11-27-2008 10:35 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Always and forever in our hearts  

Dearest Sheri and Beautiful Angel Sophia and family~~ We wanted to come and wish you a Blessed Thanksgiving. We wanted to let you know we're thinking of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I wanted to thank you so much for visiting with us.  I have missed you so much Sheri. I am so thankful for your friendship.  I can only imagine the  celebration that our beautiful Angels are having together in Heaven. Sheri you mother  Angel Sophia is so very beautiful.  Beautiful Angel  Sophia please wrap your beautiful Angel Wings around your beautiful daughter Sheri and family and send them lots of Heavenly hugs and kisses. Please send them lots of signs. We luv you all Sheri . God bless you and your beautiful family. Sending you lots of love and hugs from my heart to yours~~ Love always.....Darla


11-27-2008 9:49 PM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Happy Thankggiving In Heaven Mom

I have posted a message for you on your Thanksgiving page, but wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you, and missing you so much!

Love, Sheri

11-27-2008 9:32 PM -- By: Tina,  From:  

Dearest Sheri, Debra and Angel Sophia,

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving day. I know that Holidays will never be the same. There is that big emptiness in our hearts that will never be filled again. I just wanted to say thank you Sheri for coming by and visiting Gino and I. Alway know that I Love You. I Love You Thanksgiving Letter to your Mom. It is just Beautiful. And "NO" she will not be mad because you are all going out to dinner for Thanksgiving. Sheri, the most important thing is that you will all be all  together with your family, That's what counts. Love You lots!

Love Always...Tina, Mamma to Angel Gino


11-27-2008 2:56 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Dear Mom,

Happy Thanksgiving in Heaven

Sitting here remembering

The smile upon your face

And how it made the world light up

You were full of heavenly grace

No longer can I see your face

For you are with God above

But your loving smile will always be

Tucked in my heart with love

I know you wouldnít want to see

Me crying the way I do

But losing you was a part of me

And days, I canít make it through

Do you hear me crying?

Itís because some days Iím down

I look around for you

But youíre nowhere to be found

Only pictures now remain of you

Special songs that meant so much

So if you hear me crying

Itís because I canít feel your touch.

My heart still aches in sadness

And tears, oh how they flow

What it meant to lose you

No one will ever know

So, if you hear me crying

Itís something I canít control

Just understand Mom,

When Iím again with you, Iíll be whole

I Love & Miss you so much. Hugs & Kisses

Our days go on but the pain remains the same.

Love, You're Daughter Debra

11-27-2008 9:50 AM -- By: Trudy Dumas ,  From:  

Dearest Beautiful Angel Sophia and Sweet Sheri,
† Thank you so much for stopping by to visit my Angel !† I feel so bad for not visiting you two for such a long time !† I don't mean for so much time to go by !† I'm really sorry about that Sheri !
† There's a lot of times when I have too hard of a time even going to VM ! Do you ever get like that?† I get so depressed and when I get like that, I seem to go alittle bit reclusive...well actually A LOT reclusive !††
I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and to tell you that† I will be thinking about you both !
Much Love,

11-26-2008 12:17 AM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Hi Mom

Please know that you are in my thoughts every minute of every day.

I love you with all of my heart, and miss you so much.

I haven't visited VM as often as I use to, because it makes me so sad, but I'm sure you hear me speak to you every day, and I never go to bed without saying good-night to you.

I will be visiting you tomorrow for Thanksgiving, but I am not feeling very thankful, because you are not here.

I am not looking forward to the upcoming Holiday's, and honestly can't wait for them to be over. They will never be the same without you, and I go through the motions with a heavy heart.

This was your favorite time of year, and you always made the holiday's so beautiful for us. They can never be as they were, so I no loger look forward to them.

I am ok. I am very busy with school, but only one more class to go, and I'm finished. I can't wait, because it has been very rough, and I haven't had any time for myself.

I will see you tomorrow. Sending hugs & kisses XXX OOO


Love, Sheri

11-02-2008 4:08 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  


Dear Mom, In Heaven;
I sure do miss you
and it seems it's never-ending.

You were a Mother, as good as gold,
and I sure do miss all of the talking
we used to do, too.

I still can't believe you went home, so early,
but I guess God', had a special plan for you.

He probably has you helping to train,
the other new Angels.
There wasn't much at all, that you couldn't do.

I just wish we would of had more time,
to share together.

Our time together just seemed to fly by,
and letting you go, was very painful.

Mom do you sing with the Angels too.
I bet you are one of the leaders.

I sure do hope, that you are looking down and watching over us Mom,
I wave at you, all the time, as I sit and watch the clouds,slowly, go rolling by.

You always made us so proud.

I hope that you know somehow, how deeply we miss you

And when we are joined with you in heaven some day, we can talk and pass the time away.


Just you and me, and the Family,all together, in one happy place.

Dear Mom, I hope that you are at peace,
and that you, are happy.

Some day, I will know, if I was right.

I Love & Miss You So Very Much,

Huges & Kisses

Daughter Debra


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