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Memorial created 03-2-2007 by
Sheri Volkes
Sophia R. DiMeglio
March 5 1937 - September 26 2006

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03-05-2010 5:50 PM -- By: ,  From:  

 Happy Birthday To You

Momma Sophia Rose,

I could not let your Birthday go by without a visit to you.I know your Beautiful Smile lights up Heaven.And Your family is ALWAYS there to visit your resting place for All Occasions.I know you are so proud of them.YOU will always be in there hearts..Fly gently Momma Sophia.xoxo HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Sheri, You are in my  and Prayers. xoxo Rose

03-04-2010 7:22 PM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

  Happy Birthday in Heaven Mom

I love you & miss you with all my heart. Sending hugs & kisses xoxox

Love, Sheri

03-03-2010 7:21 PM -- By: Tina,  From:  

To my dearest Sheri, and Angel Sophia,

Sheri, I know it's been a while since my last visit to your Mom's Beautiful Memorial. Always remember, even though I don't come by as often you and your Mamma are always in my heart and in my prayers. I wanted to wish your Mamma a Beautiful Birthday in Heaven with all of our Angels. I can only imagine how difficult it is for all of you being without your beautiful Mom. I will be thinking of you  on Friday. Be strong my sweet Sheri, your Mamma is always there looking over you all from Heaven with soooo much love. I Love You! Happy Birthday, beautiful Angel Sophia, kiss my Gino for me!

Love always, Tina.....Mamma to Angel Gino


02-24-2010 5:12 PM -- By: edie deaton,  From: kokomo indiana  

My sister Rhonda asked me to visit this site. All I can say is this is an awesome tribute to your Mother. My Mom passed away 8/9/09. Saddest day of my life. There are days I cant believe she's gone. But I know she's in Heaven, she may even be visiting w/your Mother. I'm her baby and always will be. God Bless your families and we will meet in Heaven one day and be reunited with our Mothers. Edie

Thank you Edie. Your kind words mean a lot. I am so sorry to read you have lost your Mom as well. Yes, the saddest day of my life too. I hope our Mom's have met and keeping eachother company. I too believe we will be reunited again, but until then... please know how sorry I am. Sheri

02-24-2010 3:31 PM -- By: Rhonda Moore,  From: Kokomo Indiana  

Your Mother got a Beautiful Birthday present 2 yrs later..it was MY mother.. She was Born 3/5/1939. She past away 8/9/2009 and my life has NOT been the same since.. You are right!! It doesn't get any better.. I Miss Mom MORE everyday!! I'm Sure they have met while walking the streets of gold!! May God Bless You and Your family!! Until We meet in Heaven with Our Beautifuls Mothers!!


Hi Rhonda, Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words. I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure our Mom's have met and are getting along wonderful. Yes, it does not get easier and whoever stated that... obviously didn't have Mom's like ours. Sheri

02-14-2010 9:25 PM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Happy Valentines Day In Heaven Mom

I love you & miss you so much. I hope you enjoy all the wonderful gifts we left you today. Please know we all remain heart-broken and wish you were here.

Until we are reunited again...Sending Hugs & Kisses xoxo

Love, Sheri

02-14-2010 9:20 AM -- By: ,  From:  

i am sorry for your loss.your mother is beautiful.i lost my mom 3 yrs ago to lung cancer.she found out 11/27/06 and was gone 3/31/07.she was 56 yrs old. i am also grieving like it was yesterday.my feeling are so similar to yours.our moms are shinning down on us and with us wherever we go.God bless you and your family.

02-11-2010 10:11 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hi Mom

Thinking of you as always. I Miss You so much.

Dear Mom In Heaven


I sit here and ponder how very much

I’d like to talk with you today

     There are so many things

     That we didn’t get to say.

I know how much you card for me

And how much I care for you,

And each time that I think of you

I know you’ll miss me too.

An angel came and took you by the hand, and said

Your place was ready in Heaven far above…

And you had to leave behind, all those you dearly Loved

You had so much to live for, you had so much to do…



It still seems impossible that God was taking you.

And though you life on earth is past,

in Heaven it Starts anew

You’ll live for all eternity,

just as God has promised you. you.

 And though you’ve waked through Heavens gate

We are never far apart

For every time I think of you,

You’re right here, deep with-in my heart.


I Love you Mom

Daughter Debra   



02-07-2010 3:13 PM -- By: james coyle,  From: Derry, northern ireland  

I visited your lovely site looking for a memorial for my own mother who died in February 2009. This site says a lot about the love you and your family had for your mother and I know the heartache you feel. Just listening to the music while reading the sentiments had me weeping, it is the way my family and I feel too, but we know as long as we remember our loved ones they are never far away. I hope you don't mind me using one of the verses as a memorial for my mother. I hope God gives you the strength to move on with your life. God bless you all.


01-31-2010 9:33 PM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Hi Mom, I miss you so much  I love you with all my heart. Love, Sheri

01-27-2010 4:08 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hello Mom ... Once again I come to see you on your site , and have things I need to tell you and guess what Mom... I choke up .. I love & Miss you so much....   

Love Debra


01-23-2010 2:16 PM -- By: Jeannie,  From: California  

...what a beautiful tribute to your Mom.  may she forever rest in peace...

01-12-2010 11:37 PM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Hi Mom, Thinking of you as I always do and missing you more and more each day. I Love You With All My Heart Love, Sheri 

01-03-2010 6:19 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Mom ,,, Happy New Year In Heaven,,

Another Year without you here with us , I know you are always looking down on us, You are and will always be our Angel , I hope you had a wonderful New Years eve & day...

I love you Mom with all my Heart & Soul

You are everything to us


12-26-2009 12:54 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hi Mom , Merry Christmas in Heaven

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas & that you like the tree , flowers , chocolate we brought you.We went by your house, Sheri did a great job,  

I sit here in my chair & as I try to write what im feeling, the pain in my Heart just takes over from what im trying to say .

Mom your are so Special ,  I Miss you so Much ,  GOD....I'm sorry Mom it hurts so much you not being here. My words can't describe what I'm feeling.

I Love you with all my Heart & Soul  

until we are together again


12-26-2009 4:36 AM -- By: cilla,  From:  

Hi sheri thank u soo much for stoppingby i love u and ur mama soooo much thank u for always  being their for me.... i love u always cilla


12-26-2009 4:35 AM -- By: cilla,  From:  

Hi sheri thank u soo much for stoppingby i love u and ur mama soooo much thank u for always  being their for me.... i love u always cilla


12-17-2009 1:20 AM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Hi Mom, You are always in my heart and in my thoughts, ALWAYS! It still breaks my heart to come here to your Memorial. I still feel as though it's all a bad dream but when I come here, I see the reality and it hurts so much! I didn't create a Thanksgiving page or even come here on Thanksgiving because I wasn't feeling thankful. How can I when your not here? Christmastime is here again and again, I do everything with a heavy heart but do it because I know how much you love Christmas and want to continue your tradition that you've done so beautifully for as long as I can remember. I miss you sooooo... much Mom! My heart remains broken and life is not the same without you.  I Love You with all my heart! Until we are together again.... Sending Hugs & Kisses XXX OOO Love Sheri 

12-16-2009 10:28 PM -- By: Amanda,  From: Florida  

a beautiful virtual memorial thank you for sharing.  I was looking for a song for my mom and I came acrossed your memorial.

12-08-2009 2:03 PM -- By: Mary Ann,  From: Chicago, IL  

So sorry for the loss of your mom,, I lost my beautiful daughter of 30 years old,,, married 10 months,, she is so beautiful and a nurse too!!,, how I miss her ,, my heart is shattered,,,so I am feeling your pain,,,if you want to visit my baby's memorial page,,, her name is Francesca Portera,,

God Bless all of you,,,,,,,my life will never be the same either no matter what people say,,,, they are not in our shoes,,,,

11-27-2009 5:06 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hi Mom , Happy Thanksgiving ,

We all Miss you so much, Thanksgiving was by me , We cook all kinds of stuff , everything came out good,  Not like your cooking :) , I'm trying to get by all these holidays once again. It just deep down inside I just make the best of them.

I Love you & Miss you so Much   


Always on my mind forever

11-10-2009 12:48 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hi Mom ,, I know this is suppose to be a happy day for me & I know you want me to have a Happy Birthday , I have this empty feeling in my stomach that wont go away , My Heart hurts so much , I need you so bad,, I Love you & Miss you so much MOM



10-29-2009 12:34 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hi Mom ,

I'm Missing you so much, I'm listening to the radio , & there are so many songs that make me sad , I think of how you love to dance, which im sure you do with your family & friends in Heaven , I miss you dancing and laughing with us..  I wish everyday that when I wake up that this is all still a dream , You are so needed here, Jimmyboy needs you, The Love & strength you sent and show us will always be in our hearts.

I Love You  Mom 





10-11-2009 1:11 PM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Thinking of you & missing you soooo... much. Love Sheri

10-08-2009 4:33 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hi Mom , Sitting at my desk thinking of you as I always do ,

I Miss you so Much ,

I Love you



10-03-2009 1:34 AM -- By: Lacy,  From: Florida  

God bless you and your family.  I'm so sorry for your loss!

09-28-2009 8:09 PM -- By: ,  From:  

I Love You Mom.

Thinking of you & missing you.

Love, Sheri

09-27-2009 6:16 PM -- By: Lisa,  From:  

Sophia, You will be in my Heart Forever !!!!!

09-26-2009 10:43 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Momma Sophia Rose,

Where has the time gone.Sheri is right it seems as if it were only yesterday that we met here on V.M. But Momma Sophia I have come very fond of you,and I love ya!I know your thinking yep...I like that circle of pictures,because that circle repersents a circle of love that can never be broken.And OH....I know you are beaming up there in Heaven with all those beautiful balloons you see your family sending you.And the flowers are so pretty...aren't they!Yeppers you are one special Angel Momma Sophia Rose... Love slinging that name Rose around...LOL!But I know you are so proud of your Family,and I am so proud of Sheri too...She is so sweet and caring.. You did a mighty fine job on raising her.And tell my Momma I love her and give her a hug for me..okay?..And you ladys quit giving the bingo caller hell...Love ya...Rose

Thinking of you today Sheri and your family...sending gentle hugs...xoxoxo  Rose

09-26-2009 2:22 PM -- By: Myra,  From:  

You have created a beautiful tribute to your Mom. May your heart be at peace on her third Angelversary.


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