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Memorial created 03-2-2007 by
Sheri Volkes
Sophia R. DiMeglio
March 5 1937 - September 26 2006

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10-19-2010 11:45 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  


I Miss you so much, I need you so much , everything is so diferent now that you gone to Heaven,  So much has change, If you are looking down on me then you understand what I mean ,  I miss our talks so much Mom , I really need you, I'm so mad god took you from me, I love you mommy.



10-03-2010 3:44 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hi Mom ,

Thinking of you

I love & Miss you so much




09-26-2010 11:33 PM -- By: Laren,  From:  


Dear Sheri and family,

My heartfelt condolences for you all.  Reading your webpage and the letter to your Mother felt like I wrote it too.  We went through exactly the same pain and heartache.  I lost my  beautiful, dear Mom this past July from cancer too.  She was in the hospital for 38 days.  I too, wasn't there for her when she passed and I feel so terrible about it.  Everything you wrote are my exact same thoughts toward my Mom.  Sounds like you and I were very blessed daughters.  Thank you for your beautiful memorial.  Be assured, We will see our Moms again soon.  She gave you life, HONOR her and live your life.  Believe, for she is watching over all of you.   I'm struggling through each day too.  My heart is starved for my Mom.  Many many hugs to you, to your family, to your Mom and to mine.  Love, Laren

09-26-2010 12:45 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Dear Mom,

Four years today  ,  I'm So Lonely Mom
Since God Took You Away
There Is A Part Of Me Missing
Things Will Never Be The Same
Sometimes I Feel You Near
Wishing You Were Here
I Want You To Talk To Me ,Like You Use To Do

You always knew just what to say to make things better.

 You are always with me.

expressing what I feel is so hard to put into words

I Love & Miss you Mom with all my Heart and Soul

Why, Oh Why, Did God Choose You?
Love Debra


09-26-2010 12:22 AM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Hi Mom,

Four years later and I remain heart-broken. Today, on your Angelversary in Heaven... I am missing you so much.

I love you with all my heart. Sending hugs and kisses xoxo

Love, Sheri


08-26-2010 12:17 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hi Mom,

You are Missed & Loved so much and you are always on my mind. I just read what Sheri wrote so I don't have to tell you about Dad. Thankfully he is ok. I don't know Mom... he has his ways, but he is who is. I do believe the strength you have, is where we get ours. Lord knows we need it. Whatever may be going on, you are our rock that keeps it together. I never, ever saw or knew anyone like you. MY MOM... you are and will always be the best MOM & Friend anyone could ever have. I Love you & Miss you so much

Love Debra

08-25-2010 11:58 PM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Hi Mom,

I'm know you hear me talk to you everyday, and know how much you  are missed. I am sure you gave me the strength I needed once again to take care of Dad since he continues to injure himself by doing things he should know better not to do. But, thankfully he is ok. Please watch over him Mom. This last incident was very scary and could have been so much worse.

I pray for the day when our family can get through a few weeks without another Doctor's appointment. I miss you so much Mom. Sometimes I feel everything is such a heavy burden and it feels like it drains the life out of me.

I wish you were here. I know that it is your strength that I need right now. I know I'm venting. Sorry! I'll be just fine so please don't worry.

I love you Mom with all of my heart and miss you more and more each day.

Until we are reunited again.... sending hugs and kisses xoxo

Love, Sheri

08-03-2010 11:34 AM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hi Mommy, 

I Miss you so much words can not express , I Love you with every inch of my Heart & Soul...


Hugess & Kisses

07-06-2010 1:04 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hi Mom , Happy 4th of July in Heaven, We miss you so very much... I went to your house for the 4th , Sheri had a b.b.q , it was a nice day, It is still very hard for me to be there without you present , I feel you near and I know you are looking down on us all the time, I'm haveing a hard time with this , so if you can please send me a sign that you are ok , and maybe somemore of your strength, you are the strongest women I know.

I love you Mom

I miss you with every part of my heart 

your on my mind all the time

Daughter Debra

07-04-2010 7:37 AM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Happy 4th of July in Heaven Mom I hope you enjoyed the goodies we left for you yesterday. lol We have visited your final resting place 3 times in the past three weeks because we are missing you more and more as time passes. Whoever said it gets easier with time, obviously didn't have a Mom like you because it does not get easier.  We miss you so much and we remain heartbroken. I love you soooo... much and talk to you everyday. Thank you so much for getting me through those miles. I don't believe I could have done it without you. I am up to 7 miles on most days and only because of you and the strength you give me. I Love You with all my heart. Sending hugs and kisses xxx ooo Love, Sheri 

06-30-2010 1:02 AM -- By: eileen,  From: seattle  

 Thank you for sharing your warm, loving thoughts of your mother. Today I am wishing my mother Happy Birthday in Heaven. Like you, have joy in knowing I will be reunited with her again one day. Until our time comes, may we cherish the wonderful memories and hold on to the love we have for our beautiful mother's.

My best to you.

06-07-2010 1:10 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Mom , I Miss you so much , I talk to you everyday , I need your strength to help me right now , please mom ...

you know everyday I go on with my normal day chores , trying to make things right,

trying to not let unnecessary things get in the way,  like you would do mom, this is very hard for me I really need you,  my heart is hurting so bad ,  Sept 26 will be 4 years and it feels like yesterday , I'm sorry mom, I do try everyday, I know you want me to be happy , I Love You & Miss you so very much .

Love ,Huges


until we are together again


06-06-2010 9:35 PM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Thinking of you with much love and missing you so much 

 I Love You Mom 

Love, Sheri

05-23-2010 11:08 PM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

 Missing You Mom  You are always in my thoughts. Sending hugs & kisses xoxo Love, Sheri

05-17-2010 9:32 AM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

I love you Mom Missing you sooo.... much  Love, Sheri xoxo

05-13-2010 4:50 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Thanks for redoing the poem for me.I could not get it to print right...Love ya....Rose

05-10-2010 10:01 AM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day In Heaven Mom

I love you with all my heart and miss you more than I can express.

My heart remains broken

Love, Sheri

05-10-2010 9:58 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Memories on Mother's Day

I think about the old homestead
The place where I was raised
The dusty roads so long ago
Oh, how I miss those days.
The golden sunsets on the farm
The scent of fresh cut hay
The rippling fields of corn so green
Would take my breath away. 
Lazy days of summer bliss
A stroll down wooded lane
A canopy of stars at night
The smell of country rain.
The precious home where I grew up
Has crumbled to the ground
Nothing left but barren weeds
Where once, my life was found.
No mother left to fill the void
Of things that used to be
The one I cherished in my heart
Is now a memory.
On Mother’s Day next to her grave
The years just melt away
Her lovely face, I can now see
she holds a sweet bouquet. 

Thoughts of home just disappear
Oh hear Hosanna sing
My mother dwells in Beulah and
she’s wearing angel wings.

05-10-2010 12:31 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Thinking of you with love.



05-09-2010 10:21 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Happy Mother's Day Mom
I miss you so much,
your laugh, your smile, your touch.
You always brightened my days
with all the smiles you sent my way.
I need you as my angel
to always be at my side.
I need you as my angel
to give me peace of mind.
I like to think your near to me
to know that you are there.
Even though I can not see you,
I feel that you are near.
Please keep me close mom,
for you are always in my heart,
my thoughts and prayers.

I love & Miss you Mom   

05-01-2010 8:03 PM -- By: Carroll,  From: Ontario Canada  

I came across your memorial one sad night as I recently lost my Mom..... I saved it and look in often... what a wonderful ...beautiful family you are.... how l envy you and want you to know that reading your memorial has been very soothing... and I have cried many tears for your mom and mine.

God Bless You..... Carroll

04-30-2010 7:36 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hi Mom

I needed to tell you that I miss you so much, not one day or should I say minute goes by without you in my thoughts, You are the rock we all live up to ... My heart will always feel the hurt of you leaving us. I do know you are always around us. I love you & Miss with all my Heart & Soul. See you on Mothers Day , 

Love You 


04-25-2010 2:25 PM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Hi Mom,

Although I don't visit here as much as I would like.... because it still breaks my heart to visit and the reality of it all makes me so sad. Sorry your Easter page was a little late. I am so sorry, but I do hope you liked all the goodies we left for you on Easter Sunday. Of course Keith had to share your Jelly beans (he's too funny) but I do hope Easter was beautiful in Heaven and you had a great Holiday with Nana and Papa, Uncle Tony, Bob and Bev and Nana and Papa Volkes.

You are ALWAYS in my thoughts and in my heart

Sending Hugs and Kisses xoxox

I Love You,

Love Sheri

04-06-2010 5:38 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Happy Easter In Heaven Mom,

My Preciouse Mom,

Words can't decribe how very much you mean to me;

Your gental touch,

Your smiling face,

Your love for life,

The little things that made you laugh despite the pain;

The love you share with everybody,

I am very blesses because I have a portion of that love.

A better Mom there couldn't be .

I Love & Miss you so Much

Happy Easter in Heaven Mom

Love Debra

xoxoxoxo Hugessssss 

04-03-2010 1:18 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Momma Sophia Rose,

Hopping by for Easter.Sending you lots of hugs to Heaven.Send Sheri a few of them also..xoxo


03-30-2010 9:21 PM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Dearest Mom, Thinking of you with such a heavy heart because I miss you so much.  Visiting your final resting place on Palm Sunday was sad as it always is because it's sort of a reality check and so difficult to accept since I still have difficulty with the reality of it all. I still can't believe your gone. I miss you more than I can express and my heart remains broken. Love you with all my heart  Love, Sheri xoxo

03-20-2010 8:11 AM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Hi Mom, Happy first day of Spring. I love you and miss you so much. There is not a day that passes that I don't think of you. Yesterday, as I was doing a bit of Spring cleaning and rearranging closets, I came across some of your beautiful clothes and remembered how beautiful you looked in them. I held them near and cried and wished you were here. It has not got any easier Mom, and it never will. It still feels like a bad dream that I wish I would wake up from. I love you Mom with all my heart. Love, Sheri xoxo

03-13-2010 6:08 PM -- By: tracey,  From: barry vale of glamorgan  

i havent stoped crying reading all you sad things on here i lost my mum when i was 14 .. im now 42 with 4 children and still i feel pain with out my mum bless you all tracey xx

03-05-2010 11:59 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Always and forever in our Hearts  

 Happy Birthday In Heaven Beautiful Angel Sophia I can only Imagine the celebration our beautiful Angels are having for you in Heaven. I can only Imagine how beautifully the Angels are singing Happy Birthday to you. We wanted to send you Birthday Hugs to Heaven Beautiful Angel Sophia.Sheri and family we wanted to let you know we are thinking of you all. Our Hearts and prayers are with you all. Sheri we have missed you so much my dear friend, Your Mother is so very beautiful. I can only Imagine how your beautiful Mother is smiling that beautiful smile of hers down on you all from Heaven. Our beautiful angels are always with us and they are always watching over us. You have created one of the most beautiful Tributes to your beautiful Mother Angel Sophia. You can see and feel the love in each page.  We will forever treasure your friendship.  Beautiful Angel Sophia please watch over your beautiful daughter Sheri and your beautiful family and send them lots of signs from Heaven and lots of angel hugs and kisses.We wanted to come tonight and bring you all lots of hugs tonight. I hope you can feel them all they are sent to you all with love. God Bless you and your beautiful family always. Love always your friend.....Darla


03-05-2010 8:15 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Dear Mom

"Love is the one thing that death can't take. Love is the one bond that nothing can break. Love is a cord that time can't sever...yes, love is eternal,love is forever.
Happy Birthday in Heaven Mom ,
I love & Miss You
with all my Heart & Soul
Until we are together again


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