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Memorial created 03-2-2007 by
Sheri Volkes
Sophia R. DiMeglio
March 5 1937 - September 26 2006

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12-11-2007 11:43 PM -- By: Christi Hausmann,  From: Montana  

Dear Beautiful Sheri and Angelic Sophia in Heaven,

I love this website you have created from your Sophia. What a beautiful lady she was and although we are new friends here at VM as compared with some of the other angels here I have grown to know and love, I feel such warmth from you and this memorial is soooo captivating, I find I am drawn to visit it often and believe your Sophia and my Mama Maria are good friends in Heaven too.

I just wanted to take this time to wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas ahead and the safest and happiest of holidays ever. You've just completed one year of grief and I have a few more months to go, but I am convinced the more time that goes by, the harder, rather than easier things get. Grief is such a random thing, eh? It hits every one of us so differently.

Sheri, may God bless you with health, happiness and laughter this Holiday Season ahead and may the new year bring with it only goodness and light always.

I love you and thank you for your new friendship and loving support.

Hugs and best wishes, christi

12-11-2007 3:23 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Sheri, I am just stopping by to send warm hugs.I hope you are okay.I love ya bunches & bunches. Rose

P.S. As I was cleaning today,I ran across some of momma's needle work.I ran my hand over all the stitches.I looked at the stitches so close & said this is where momma's hands were.I held it to my cheek & cried.I could picture those hands and fingers at work,with each stitch made with love.I keep them in a bag,and wash them once a year to keep them from dry rotting.

12-08-2007 7:57 PM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Hey sheri,just wanted you to know that i love you hun,stop by soon,all my love and warmest hugs,Priscilla

12-08-2007 1:20 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Sheri,Just stopping in to send some warm hugs to you.Love ya bunches...Rose

12-07-2007 12:48 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hi Mom, I always have so much to say to you & when I start to write I get so cloudy in my head I can't seem to get it clear, I only wish I was able to talk to you about the thing I could only tell my MOM... I MISS YOU OHHHHHHH SOOO MUCH , I'm haveing a hard time finishing up my christmas decoration, my work ,But you know me I will pull it all together, all I have to do is think about your strenth MOM, the strenth you had was amazing, I admire you. I know at CHRISTMAS time you will be here with all of us,Please send us a sign, I know that would make us all very Happy, I LOVE YOU MOM BIG HUGSSSSSSS & KISSESSSSSSS Your Daughter Debra

12-06-2007 3:08 AM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Good morning my sweet sheri, and mama,i love you both so much, i just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you ,stop by soon,i just wanted you to know i love you both,i better get to sleep its 2am,Goodnight my two favorite ladies !!! Warmest Hugs,Priscilla ps,sheri stop by dad's new vm christmas page sometime

12-05-2007 9:26 PM -- By: Darla,  From:  

Hello my dear Friend Sheri and Beautiful Angel Sophia,I Wanted to come and give you a special (((Hug))) and to let you know im thinking of you!!I have been saying special Prayers for your Father !!I pray he is getting Better!!You all are always in my Prayers and Thoughts!!We love you sooo very much!!Thank you for being such a very Wonderful friend to us!!Thank you for always being there for us!!Thank you for all of your kind and loving words!!You always bring sooo much Happiness to us!!Your Mother is sooo very Beautiful !!I can only imagine how Angel Sophia makes Heaven Shine with her Beautiful Smile!!Your Mother is a very Special Angel in Heaven Who is loved sooo very much!!I will forever treasure your Friendship!!Angel Sophia you sure do have a very Special Daughter and Family who loves and misses you sooo very much!!Please send them all lots of Heavenly Hugs !!Sheri i would love for you to meet a very special little boy Angel (Riley Awston Eugene Ressis)On VM And his Wonderful Nana Lynn,Please visit with them when you can,We love you sooo very much Sending you lots of love and Big Hugggggs,Love always and forever your friend Darla

12-03-2007 10:29 PM -- By: renee,  From:  

thinking of you tonight... happy holidays! hi sheri, have a great night! mommy 2 skye harrison, daughter of maria romanchick both on vm!

12-03-2007 2:34 PM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Good evening my sweet friend Sheri and angel Sophia,i love you so much,sheri i love you sweetie, your strength amazes me,you are truly one in a million,always know that i pray for you and your famly each day,thank you for being such a great friend,hugs Priscilla

12-02-2007 5:23 AM -- By: ,  From:  

My Dearest Sheri, I just wanted to thank you for visiting mom & I.It means alot to me when you come.You are such a special friend.I know how bad it hurts losing your sweet momma.Gosh if only we could just touch them,talk to them,hug them,hear their sweet voices.Death is such a hard journey of sadness and lonely times.Yes Sheri, I have had death all around me.Our beautiful Carmen was murdered by the hands of her own husband.I finally told Angie the other day.I had never told the story.Gosh girl I could write a book about the hard knocks I have had in life.But I just try to be there for others,for it helps me also.When I say I have had sad times,hard times,and bad times,They were just that.But I try not to complain or tell others.When daddy died from his wreck I did not even get to go tell him bye or attend his funeral.I was 7 months pregnant with my 2nd child and was in the hospital in premature labor.I did 'nt even get to say goodbye to him.I knew he was dieing and I could not go to him,to give him that last kiss,or last I love you.And when Carmen died,my sister lost her mind.We had to have her put in a mental hospital for quite some time.She has never been the same since losing her baby.I remember trying to give her a bath to get her ready for the funeral.She would just sit in the tub hugging her knees and rocking back and forth crying I want my baby.I literly got in the tub and held her.I was soaked.I washed her the best I could.I litterly dressed her,done her make up and brushed her hair.Carmen got pregnant as a young teenager,she left behind a beautiful baby girl.When they found carmen the baby had been running around the house for hours,while her momma layed dead.The baby had finally went and layed down next to her mommas body and went to sleep.Thats how they were found.If you notice the lace on carmen that went clear to her chin,thats because her neck was so black & blue, we had to cover it.I guess adding these pictures has opened up some old hurts and memories.But I feel it is the proper thing to do to give my respect to all my loved ones.My mind has been so boggled lately,that I have been so confused about how to make the pages.In time I will straighten it out.Here I go rambling.I have your sweet momma on my mind tonight.I am going to try and write another poem for her,SO Sophia..I need you to come to me and help me out a little here.I need your sweet keen insparation.Sheri I did not mean to come here and ramble on,but ramble I did.Just call me rambling rose.As you decorate for christmas,remember your momma is smiling sweetly saying that a girl sheri,you can do it.Well I guess I had better go to bed.It is 4.20 in the morning.Sleep has not been coming gently to me lately.But I must try.Love & hugs to you my friend.Love ya bunches and bunches...Rose

12-01-2007 11:32 PM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Hi Mom,

Thinking of you as I do so very often throughout my day. As you know, Dad has been staying with us after his surgery. I hope you heard me when I was talking to you Mom. I think you did, because when I felt I had no more strength, I believe you sent me more. I need it so much at times. I wish I had your strength Mom. Sometimes, when I think of it, I don't know how you did it. How you managed it all, and how you managed to keep a smile on your face at the same time. No matter what... you were a tower of strength. I will forever admire that about you. Would you please send some of that to Dad, please, before I ship him off to Buffalo. lol That's just a joke. I have been very busy with classes Mom, but I love it, and everyone is fine, but we all miss you so very much. I did decorate this year for Christmas, but as usual like every thing I do since you left, I did it with a heavy heart. I did this for you Mom, because I know how much you loved this time of year. This Christmas is dedicated to you... My Angel Mom. It won't be the same. It will never be the same without you. I Love You Mom, and I Miss You with all my Heart. Until I get there.... Love, Sheri Sending Hugs & Kisses XXX OOO

12-01-2007 11:23 PM -- By: Darla,  From:  

Hello my Dear Friend Sheri And Beautiful Angel Sophia,I wanted to come and give you a Special ((((Hug))) and to let you know im thinking of you !!!We love you sooo very much,Your Mother Is sooo Very Beautiful!!I love your New Christmas Page it is sooo very Beautiful!!Thank you sooo much for being such a very Wonderful Friend to us We will forever Treasure you and your Friendship,Please always know how dear you are to us !!We are always forever friends!!Sending you lots of love and Hugs!!Love always and forever your friend Darla XOXOXO

11-30-2007 11:53 PM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Hi my beautiful sheri and mama sophia,i love youso very much,i hope you are feeling bette sheri,i have been praying for you,thank you for always being their for me,i love you dearly,stop by soon,Sending you the warmest hug,Priscilla

11-29-2007 10:44 AM -- By: Darla,  From:  

Hello my dear Friend Sheri And Beautiful Angel Sophia,I wanted to come and bring you a big ((((HUG)))) And to let you know im thinking of you !!You are always in my Prayers and Thoughts!!Your Mother is sooo very Beautiful!!What a very Special Angel She is !!I can only imagine how she makes Heaven Shine!!I know your Beautiful Mother is Taking very Good Care of my Sister Cathy!!I can only imagine how Beautiful They Both are walking togather on Heavens Shores,We love you sooo very much Sheri!!Thank you sooo very much for being such a very wonderful Friend to us!!With out Special Friends Like you this long Journey of Grief would be very lonely!!We will for ever Treasure you and your Friendship!!You are such a big Blessing to us!!We are sending you lots of love and Hugs and Kisses ,Love always and forever your Friend Darla XOXOXO

11-28-2007 11:44 PM -- By: Tina,  From:  

To my most Beautiful Sheri and to Sweet Angel Sophia up in Heaven,

I Thank you so very much for the Beautiful e-card you sent me my sweet Sheri! I hope you are doing well. I know that it does not get any easier. They tell me that time heals. I really don't think so. Not this kind of pain, right Sheri? This is a pain that will always stay in our hearts. Even though we smile there are always tears ready to flow down our faces. I don't understand it at all. It seems that I can be laughing one minute and the next I am crying? Our emotions are all over the place. I know that your Angel Mom Sophia is taking such good care of my Gino. My Gosh, is he ever enjoing her delicious cooking!!!!!! Pretty soon all of our VM Angel Mamas will be preparing a wonderful Christmas meal for all of our Angels up in Heaven. Yes, Sophia, Cathy, Maria, Bonnie, Juanita, and all our other Angel Mamas will be cooking up a real delight. We can only imagine how perfect and how magnificent of a celebration for our Sweet Jesus Christmas Day will be!

Sheri, What a BEAUTIFUL Tribute to your Mama you have done. It is truly so beautiful. Every word brought tears to my eyes cause I just feel so much love you have for your Mama Sophia. Your Angel Sophia will always be next to you Sheri. She loves you all so much!!!!!! May God Bless you and take good care of you my sweet Sheri. I Love You!!!!!!!

Love Always....Tina, Mamma to Angel Gino

11-27-2007 10:45 PM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

Good evening my sweet sheri,i hope you are doing ok,i love you hon , i have been thinking of you ,and praying for you ,stop by soon,i love you ,Priscilla

11-25-2007 4:19 AM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Good evening my beautiful Sheri and angel Momma,i love you both soo much, sheri sweety i hope you have a nice rest of the weekend,thank you for always being their for me,i will forever treasure our friendship,well i better get to sleep its 3am ,I love you very much,Priscilla

11-25-2007 1:18 AM -- By: Darla,  From:  

Hello my dear sweet Sheri And Beautiful Angel Sophia,I wanted to come and bring you the biggest (((HUG))) ever,and to let you know im thinking of you!!Sheri i wanted to thank you sooo very much for all of your love and Support for us !!You mean the world to me!!Your Kindness tonight has forever touched my Heart,Thank you sooo very much!!It means more to me then you will ever know!!You have brought tears of joy to me for all of your love and kindness,You always know when i need you !!I know Cathy loves you a lot to and she is smiling down on you from Heaven!!Angel Sophia you have the most Loving and kind and Beautiful Daughter ever !!Keep sending her lots of Heavenly (((Hugs)) and wrap your Beautiful Angel Wings around her and always keep her safe!!Sheri i want you to know we are always and forever here for you always!!I love you bunches and Bunches !!God Bless you and your Beautiful Family always Sending you lots of love and hugs and kisses love always and forever your friend Darla XOXOXO

11-24-2007 10:23 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Hello, I hope you got through the thanksgiving holliday. I myself, went to my daughter's house for thanksgiving.She & her husband gave up their bed for me & her dad,however the dog refused.She kept coming back all night and demanded to have her part of the pillow & to snuggle.Now I love pets,but I am the type that likes them at my feet asleep,NOT sharing my pillow.But at the dogs demand,I however had no choice.It was really kinda cute.Of course my daughter & I on 2 hours of sleep,got up at 3 a.m. to do the black friday sales.My daughter was on the 5 oclock news,where they thrust a microphone in her face.I laughed so hard,cause she got stuck,and I took off to leave her on her own.HEY! I did not get up for nothing.So I ran and got all the things that I wanted to grab.I got them too.Even though when I turned my head,someone stole some stuff from my cart.Now I am a peacefull person till you get my dandruff up.LOL!We made it to Kohls,target,old navy,burlington coat factory, and wallmart.My daughter informed me that she did not know an old lady could run that fast.ARE you kidding!We are talking about shopping here.I did have a good time,but have been so tired from all the activities,now I just need to catch up on some much needed rest.The fried Turkey was great,and my daughter made her first carrot cake from scratch.(my reciepe) She done a good job too.I hope you had a nice thanksgiving as well.Well we got through that one,so now we have to concentrate on getting through christmas,but with friends like you.We will.Sending lots of hugs your way. With Love, Your Friend, Rose

11-24-2007 3:01 AM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

Good evening my beautiful sheri and mama,i love you both so much, i hope you had a nice thanksgiving sweety,we sure did, just ate way to much,i love you and will continue to pray for you,stop by soon, love ,Priscilla

11-22-2007 4:17 PM -- By: Darla,  From:  

Happy Thanksgiving to a Very Wonderful Family ,May God always bless you all!!Sheri I just wanted to let you know were thinking of you and we love you ,Sending you lots of love and Hugs Love always your Friend Darla

11-22-2007 12:56 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hi Mom , Ok Thanksgiving is here today and Im supposed to be thankful. Im not feeling that way. I MISS YOU SO MUCH, we will be going over to your house today ,Sheri is cooking and working hard, Steven was a big help she said. Sheri is to funny MOM, I just spoke to Keith ...Sheri called, and said oh no I Scr-- up.Keith said WHAT & Sheri said I forgot to put the ricotta in the lasagna hahahaha. MOM, I know you are laughing. I could just see the smile on your face and your laugh... when you laugh everybody laughs.. I think about you every minute of my day. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.. YOU ARE OUR ANGEL & WE LOVE & MISS YOU WITH ALL OUR HEART & SOUL. UNTIL WE ARE TOGETHER AGAIN BIG HUGS & KISSES Love you Daughter Debra XOXOXOXOXXO

11-22-2007 10:42 AM -- By: michelle and Brandon,  From: ohio  


11-22-2007 1:26 AM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Happy Thanksgiving In Heaven Mom.

Another Holiday is here, and it's still so unbelievable to me that you and, I are not in the kitchen together preparing & cooking for this Holiday. It still doesn't feel real. This is the time of year when the house would have the aroma of your delicious Turkey cooking, along with your stuffing that no one could ever duplicate. I miss that Mom, more than you will ever know. I hope you won't be upset, but we will not be celebrating Thanksgiving again this year. I am not feeling very thankful Mom. How can I, when your not here? I know you don't want to hear that, but it's how I feel. I will invite our family over for dinner, because we should be together, and I know you would want that. But, no celebration and, no turkey, but I will be cooking your Italian dishes, so don't worry. I Love You Mom & Miss You Every Minute of Every Day. I will let you know how Dinner goes.... I know I could never cook like you, but I gave it my best. Happy Thanksgiving Mom. I know all the Angels are enjoying your cooking. They are sooo.. lucky. Love, You're Daughter Sheri

11-22-2007 1:25 AM -- By: renee,  From:  

hi sophia and sheri, thinking of you both tonight... ~happy thanksgiving~ i just wanted to thank you for your visit, how sweet of you! please come back anytime... you are always welcome! have a blessed evening... mommy 2 skye harrison, daughter of maria romanchick both on vm!

11-21-2007 6:24 PM -- By: renee,  From:  

god bless you always, beautiful angel... wishing you and yours a very happy thanksgiving day! in my thoughts and prayers... mommy to skye harrison, daughter of maria romanchick both on vm...

11-21-2007 12:35 PM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Hi my beautiful sheri and angel mama sophia,i love you very much, sheri sweety the dates on the top of papa's page are correct,daddy went to heaven on his birthday November 27 ,2004,and my Birthday is the 24th i will be 25,i love you and have been praying for you,Happy thanksgiving ,all my love,Priscilla

11-21-2007 12:25 PM -- By: Trudy Dumas,  From: Las Vegas, Nevada  

Dearest AngeL Sophia & Your Sweet Daughter Sheri ~ First of all I wanted to tell you how Blessed I feel to have both you and your daughter in my life. Tomorrow is my Angel~Gina's Birthday ~ It's especially hard this year because of Thanksgiving falling on the same day ! My Gina always helped me prepare Thanksgiving Dinner ! She would find a dessert recipe and then make it by herself. I remember the last Thnksgiving dinner we had together ~ Gina made this wonderful dessert. It had pumpkin, chocolate chips & coconut in it ! (I wish I could find the recipe). She also made these little name tags and put them next to where she wanted us all to sit ~ Plus ! She made each of us a Menu, dipicting the entree, side salads and vegies, the main course (being turkey and/or ham), and the dessert ! She wanted SO Much for us to all sit down ~ together as a Family ~ Oh how I wish SHE was here for Thanksgiving and for HER Birthday, but Sheri reassured me that YOU will be right beside Our Gina ! And I have Faith that you will be ! Happy Thanksgiving Sophia ! With Much Love ! Trudy ! And Girls !

11-21-2007 1:30 AM -- By: ,  From:  

I LOVE YOU MOM & MISS YOU SO MUCH. Not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts. Until I get there Mom... Sending Hugs & Kisses XXX OOO Love, You're broken-hearted daughter, Sheri

11-20-2007 11:55 PM -- By: Darla,  From:  

Hello my dear Beautiful Friend Sheri And Beautiful Angel Sophia,I wanted to come and wish you and your Family a very Blessed Happy Thanksgiving and to let you know were thinking of you!! we love you sooo very much!! please always know how dear you are to us!!I will be married 33years Thanksgiving Day!!I am sooo blessed to have you and your Friendship!!Your Mother is sooo very Beautiful!!God bless you always we have missed you sooo very much!! sending you lots of love and (((Hugs))) love always and Forever your friend Darla


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