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Memorial created 03-2-2007 by
Sheri Volkes
Sophia R. DiMeglio
March 5 1937 - September 26 2006

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04-03-2008 1:04 AM -- By: ,  From:  


I hope you got some R& R during your time off.I'm sorry its been awhile since I wrote.I have been in one of those modes lately,where I don't want to get on the computer much.I hope allen is doing better today,and I pray its not cancer again. I will keep you all in my prayers and thoughts.And MOMA Sophia I'm sending you big hugs to heaven. Love ya bunches.     Rose

04-01-2008 10:24 AM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Hi Mom,

Thinking of you and Missing You soooo... much.

Classes started again yesterday so, wish me luck. I could have used a longer break but, I will try to take it easier this session and, not burn myself out. I hope you are ok and know how much you are missed. Everyday remains a struggle without you but, we are all trying to stay strong because I know you would want us to but, it's so very difficult. Dad went through his procedure and is doing well and everyone is fine, but misses you so much. Alan isn't doing too well and needs some support from up above Mom. He is frightened and worried because they found more cancer and will be operated on again tomorrow. Please watch over him Mom. He speaks of you all the time and really needs support right now.

On a happier note..... I am doing ok, remaining strong just like my Beautiful, Angel Mom. How do I ever thank you for all you have given me? Most of all your strength that carries me from day to day. If I didn't have your strength, I know I wouldn't have been able to get this far without you. Losing you was always my worst fear & I still can't believe your not here. I know I will see you again and that is what brings me a bit of comfort.

Til then Mom..... I hope you feel the love I have for you & I hope you know how very much you are missed. You remain our world, our love, and the greatest Mom, ever!

I Love You With All My Heart

Love, Sheri


03-28-2008 10:48 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hi Mom , I was watching television in my room and through my window looking up at the sky , I just can't stop thinking of eveything that you went through , I know you are free of all that now , Please send me a sign I need to know in my Heart , I 've been having dreams and in my dreams you are here with us, I wake up hoping that they are real, I MISS YOU SO MUCH my HEARTS is in so much pain , I know you don't want me or anyone one of us to feel like this , Im sorry it just so hard, I LOVE YOU MOM, I MISS your Laugh your smile, our talks. You are our ANGEL, 

Love Debra




03-28-2008 3:41 AM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Hi Sophia and sheri,i love you so much,stop by soon,i carry you in my  heart always,Priscilla


03-26-2008 9:54 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Thinking of you  

Dearest Sheri and Beautiful Angel Sophia~~ We wanted to come and let you know we're thinking of you.You are in our thoughts and prayers.We wanted to send you a hug from our hearts to yours.We have missed you sheri.We pray you are doing ok. You have created one of the most beautiful Tributes to your beautiful Mother,So beautiful. Your mother is so very beautiful. Angel Sophia please watch over your beautiful daughter and family and surround them with lots of love.Angel Sophia Ican only imagine all of the hugs you are getting from Cathy and our beautiful Angels.Sheri thank you so much for your friendship. Words cannot express what you mean to us. Please always know we are here for you.We hold you close in our hearts and prayers.We luv you and were sending you lots of love and hugs. Love your friend ....Darla

03-25-2008 8:41 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

          &n bsp;               Happy Easter In Heaven MOM

Mom, I Hope & Pray that your Easter in Heave was Happy and full of Joy, The Holidays are not them same for me anymore, I try my best for jimmyboy & I know that is what you would want, we all really try to make the best of them ,But the feeling is just not the same without you here with us, I did decorate a little , took me to last mintue but I did.. Sheri made your sauce,I made the lasagna, and we got good feed back, Erik said that this is the first time in a real long time he didn't get heart burn from sauce, now thats a good thing so Sheri did a good job my part came out pretty good I must say, although sheri,jimmyboy & Erik said my meatballs where a little bland because I didn't season them much ,well I used plain bread crums ,anyway in the sauce the rest of them didn't even relize it , MOM we try , but there's no cooking like moms cooking. Jimmyboy did a concert for us, He sang Elton John & Billy Joel songs He Dedicated one of the songs to you ,  

The name of the song is call >Your Song" (words below) 

It's a little bit funny this feeling inside
I'm not one of those who can easily hide
I don't have much money but boy if I did
I'd buy a big house where we both could live

If I was a sculptor, but then again, no
Or a man who makes potions in a travelling show
I know it's not much but it's the best I can do
My gift is my song and this one's for you

And you can tell everybody this is your song
It may be quite simple but now that it's done
I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life was with you in the world

I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss
Well a few of the verses well they've got me quite cross
But the sun's been quite kind while I wrote this song
It's for people like you that keep it turned on

So excuse me forgetting but these things I do
You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue
Anyway the thing is what I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen


Hugs & Kisses xoxoxoxox

Love Debra


03-23-2008 8:49 PM -- By: ,  From:  


Look who is getting so senile,ME! Yes you did write earlier.

LOL! Love ya,and happy Easter.


03-23-2008 4:07 AM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Happy Easter Angel sophia and sweet sheri,i love you so much,thank you for the sweet card sheri,it meant so much,always know i carry you in my heart,Cilla

03-23-2008 1:48 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Hello beautiful Sophia~ Rose,

And happy easter!You know momma Rose your going to have to tell sherry to slow down a bit.Yea, I know she is running you ragged with all that activities she has going on.LOL!I know your proud of her though.You think maybe,just maybe she will relax for that week vacation?

NOT!Well she needs to.She was worried about forgetting my momma's birthday,I know she had alot on her plate,and she would not forget on purpose.Yea,we can tell her its called getting old,but she might get mad at us.So sshhh, we won't tell her.Well I just wanted to come by and say happy easter,and enjoy your visit with your loved one's tomorrow when they visit you.And give them some good signs that you know they are there.Well I better mosey on.Love ya!.......Rose

03-23-2008 1:10 AM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Happy Easter In Heaven Mom

Another Holiday without you and, another Holiday that I just go through the motions because, they are not the same without "you".

I decorated for Easter because, I know you would have if, you were here and, I know you would want me to continue the traditon of decorating for this Holiday but, I do it all with a heavy heart.

We will be visiting you later today then go by Debra's and try to make the best of it but, Mom... the Holiday's are just not enjoyable anymore and, I don't look forward to them, not without you!

I know you would not want me to feel this way but, I do. I don't want to make you sad so, I will stop.

I hope you have a very Happy Easter in Heaven. Please know that I will be thinking of you & Missing you so much.

I Love You Mom With All My Heart

Sending Hugs & Kisses XXX OOO

Love, Sheri

03-21-2008 11:53 PM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Hi Mom,

Thinking of you as always. I Miss You Mom & Love You With All My Heart.

Tonight was my last night of class and, I am on vacation for one week. I wish I had a longer break because I am exhausted. This was a tough class and I don't know how I got through it. I guess I have more of your strength than I thought.

We will be visiting you on Easter and then spending the rest of the day by Debra's. It won't be the same without you but, I know you would want us together and, so that is what we will do.

You will be with us Mom. Everything we do, we do with you in our thoughts. You taught us well Mom so, I will be making your Sunday gravy (never as good as your recipe) and Debra will be cooking the lasagna. We hope to make you proud!

I will see you Sunday Mom. Til then... Sending Hugs & Kisses XXX OOO

Love, Your Daughter Sheri

03-20-2008 10:10 PM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

Hi Mom,

I just needed to tell you , I LOVE YOU  &  MISS YOU SO VERY MUCH, we we will see you  EASTER SUNDAY


Daughter Debra

03-18-2008 8:44 PM -- By: Darla,  From: Thinking of you  

Dearest Sheri and Beautiful Angel Sophia~~ I wanted to come and let you know were thinking of you.you are always in our thoughts and prayers.I wanted to bring you a hug from our hearts to yours.I wanted to thank you so much for visiting with us.I was so glad to hear from you.We have missed you so very much.Sheri you have created one of the most beautiful Tributes for your beautiful Mother Sophia,So very Beautiful. I wanted to wish you and your beautiful family a very Blessed Happy Easter. I wanted to thank you for your friendship on this long journey of grief.Sheri you have  forever touched our hearts in a special way.Thank you for all of your love and kindness for us. I want you to know we are always here for you.We're sending you lots of love and hugs.Love always your friend Darla


03-16-2008 11:53 PM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Hi Mom, Thinking of you & wishing you a Happy Palm Sunday.

You are always in my thoughts...Always! I love you with all my heart & miss you sooooo.. much. I will see you on Easter. Til then sending HUGS & KISSES xxx ooo

Love, Sheri

03-15-2008 11:54 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Beautiful Sophia Rose,

I'm sorry I missed your birthday,for I have been gone for 3 weeks on vacation and just got home a couple of hours ago,so of course I had to rush here to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY To A Beautiful Rose.I came to visit and see the  birthday page that sherry made for you,lovely but sad.So even though I'm late momma ,I still had to come.


I could never ever forget you my friend.I just been away.I know it was a hard day for you .I will be facing that just around the corner.Your always in my thoughts and prayers,never forget that.I love you bunches and bunches.



03-15-2008 6:30 PM -- By: Tina,  From:  


Dear Debra, your beautiful poem you have written for you Angel Mama has made me cry. It is truly written with all of your heart. The words are just so touching. 

Sheri, your letter to your mama is very touching also. I cannot help myself from crying. It is just so beautiful. You are so right when you said  that it is so difficult to get the times that she was suffering so much out of your mind. I feel the same with my Gino. Even though we have so many wonderful memories that we hang on to , we just cannot help thinking about the times that they have suffered the most. That is when our pain becomes to hard to handle. Sheri and Debra, I do not think your Beautiful Mama would want you to dwell  on that part of her life. She wants you to think about the happy and beautiful moments you all had together as a Beautiful Loving family. You  know that she is at peace now. In Heaven with  our Lord and with all our beautiful Angels. I know that Gino is with her also.  Gino always had a special  respect and admiration for Loving Mothers.  I Miss him so much also.  The thought that your sweet Mama is there with him makes me feel a little better. I love you both......Hugs and many many kisses coming to you both.

Love always.....Tina, mama to Angel Gino

03-15-2008 6:10 PM -- By: Tina,  From:  

My Dearest Sheri and sweet Angel Sophia,

I am so sorry for coming by to late to wish your Beautiful Angel Mama a belated Birthday in Heaven. I am sure it was just great. with all of our other Angels as special guest at you Birthday, it must have been amazing. One day we will celebrate it all together my dear Angel Sophia. Sheri, I hope you and your beautiful family are doing ok.  It never really will be  ok without our precious Angels no longer with us but we must try to go on because of other family that need and love us . I am praying for you and thinking of you my sweetheart Sheri. Always remember, I think about you and your Sweet Mama all the time. I Love you Sheri. God Bless you!

Love Always, Tina.....Mamma to Angel Gino


03-15-2008 4:51 AM -- By: Priscilla,  From:  

Hello my sweet sheri and angel sophia,i love you so much,always know you are in my prayers,i think of you each day,thank you for stopping by sheri ,i hope your classes are going good,thinking of you,all my love.Priscilla

03-15-2008 1:00 AM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  

Hi Mom,

Thinking of you as I always do, and missing you sooooo.... much.

I am hoping you had a wonderful Birthday in Heaven, and hope you knew that we came to visit you. I think you did because I had that Butterfly Balloon tied pretty tightly, and we were about to let it fly up to you, and we turned around to find it flying up. Did you grab it? lol   I think you did. :)

 I still walk throughout this house and picture you here, in the kitchen, walking down the hall, it's still so unbelievable. Last night I walked past your room, and my heart just filled with so much sorrow. I said to myself, "I can't believe this" I can't believe you are not here. It remains a nightmare that I can't wake up from.

Debra's Poem was so beautiful. It broke my heart to read it, and so much is true, especially the part when you were suffering. That is what hurts so much to this day. It's so very difficult to get those days of of my mind. I know that you are pain free and in a beautiful place. I feel that in my heart. But could you let me know, for sure? I think you have tried to. I know I was not delusional, I couldn't have been. And, I do believe that there is a Heaven, but it would bring a bit of comfort to know that you are ok. I know, I always worried too much, but I LOVE YOU! I'll just wait for your sign.

I have been so busy with classes. Geeee... it's rough but, I am hanging in there and will make you proud. I don't have much time for anything else but, you are always on my mind Mom and, always with me. ALWAYS!

I love you Mom. With all my heart & soul, I love you!

Until we are together again...... Sending HUGS & KISSES XXX OOO

Love, Sheri

03-12-2008 1:10 AM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  

 Dear Mom

In tears we saw you sinking, And watching you pass away

Our Hearts were almost broken, We wanted you to stay.

But when we saw you sleeping so peaceful, Free from pain, How could we wish you back with us, to suffer that again.

It broke our Hearts to lose you, But you did not go alone, For part of us went with you,The day GOD took you home.

If  Roses grow in Heaven, Lord please pick a bunch for me, Place them in my Mother's Arms,  And tell her they're from me.

Tell Her I LOVE AND MISS HER, And when she turns to smile,  Place a Kiss upon her cheek and hold for a while,

Because remembering her is easy, I do it everyday,

But there's an ache within my HEART that will never go away,

Don't think of her as gone away, Her journey's just begun,

Life holds so many facets, This earth is only one,

Just think of her as resting , From sorrows and the tears,

In a Place of warmth and comfort

Where there are no days or years,

Think now she must be wishing today, that we could know today,

Now nothing but our Sadness can really pass away , 

and think of her as living in the Hearts of those she touched,

For nothing loved is ever lost,

And she loved so very Much 


Your Daughter Debra



03-09-2008 12:14 AM -- By: Kimberly DeSimone,  From:  

Your memorial of your mom is beautiful, and really hit home for me. I lost my mom May 20th 2007 and I have'nt stopped crying yet. Thru birthdays, anniversary's, and other special ocassions. There is a big peice of the puzzle missing. She was'nt only my mom she was my best friend, we would talk on the phone everyday , she would be here to see her grandchildren almost every day, bringing presents for them. I still feel like she's going to call me or walk thru my front door. Your mom sounds like she was a beautiful person inside & out. When i was reading your memorial for her, she reminded me of the woman my mom was. My mom also had a great love for bingo, she went 2's a week, and loved to play cards with her friends. She was also a very strong person and she showed alot of love, especially to her children & grandchildren. Always lots of hugs & kisses." I  TRULY FEEL YOUR PAIN OF LOSS OF A LOVING MOTHER "        &nbs p;           &n bsp; Sincerely, Kim DeSimone

03-07-2008 2:15 AM -- By: Daughter Debra,  From:  


Mom for two day's im sitting here with so many thoughts in my head. My words can not express the way I'm feeling. My Heart is aching. It is so hard not having you here. You are with me every moment when I'm awake and, when I sleep. I MISS YOU SO MUCH. I hope that your Birthday was wonderful.  We all came to see and, had cake, present and, balloons. We all MISS YOU SO MUCH,

Happy Birthday Mom

Your Daughter Debra

Hugs & Kisses to you

03-06-2008 1:25 AM -- By: Erik,  From:  

Dear Sophia, Happy Birthday in Heaven, I hope your Day was Special , You are so very missed, Sending you lot's of LOVE.


Love Erik

03-06-2008 12:44 AM -- By: Priscilla ,  From:  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY angel sophia i love you so much,Sheri im thinking of you honey,i have missed you soo much, i pray for you each day,stop by soon,all my love,Priscilla

03-06-2008 12:26 AM -- By: Darla,  From: Thinking of you  

Dearest Sheri And Beautiful Angel Sophia~~ I wanted to come and bring you lots of love and Hugs.I wanted to let you know were thinking of you! You are in our thoughts and prayers. We luv you so very much. I know our beautiful angels Are having a very big Birthday Party for your Beautiful Mother Angel Sophia. I can only imagine all the hugs she is getting from all of our beautiful angels.Angel Sophia Please wrap your beautiful Angel wings around your beautiful daughters and Family and hold them close and surround them with lots of love and hugs and  send them lots of Angel Kisses. Sheri I wanted to thank you for your friendship.  Please always know how dear you are to us.Were sending you lots of love and Hugs . Love always and forever your friend Darla xoxoxo


03-06-2008 12:10 AM -- By: Darla,  From: Thinking of you  

Happy Birthday Sweet Beautiful Angel Sophia,I wanted to send you lots of Birthday Hugs. You are so very Beautiful. I know Cathy and our beautiful angels are having you a very big Birthday Party We luv you  Happy Birthday Beautiful Angel Sophia Love Always your Friend Darla xoxoxo,


03-05-2008 6:09 PM -- By: Sandy,  From: New Orleans  

Happy Birthday Sweet Angel! 

03-05-2008 11:53 AM -- By: Daughter Sheri,  From:  


Wishing you a Happy, Happy Birthday. I hope you will be having a wonderful celebration, and are surrounded by those you love. We will all be visiting you today with a beautiful cake Keith bought for you. I wish you were here, so we could celebrate this special day with you.

I MISS YOU MOM sooooo...very much & I LOVE YOU more than life itself.

Happy Birthday


Love, Sheri

03-04-2008 9:22 PM -- By: Yvette,  From: Texas  


I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you.  I know how very hard tomorrow is going to be for you.  I know that we miss them every single day but I think these special days are even more difficult.  Happy Birthday Angel Sophia and please watch over Sheri and help her get through tomorrow. Love, Yvette

03-03-2008 5:48 PM -- By: Anthony,Linda,Giovanni,  From: Las Vegas N,V  

Dear Sheri, Hi this is Anthony's girlfriend Linda. I'm sorry for your loss. I dont know how it feels to lose a Mother, but one day u will meet again. Anthony sends his love, and Giovanni does too, I hope u get this email, and write us back soon. Hope to here from u, so we can get to know each other soon.

God Bless you


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