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Memorial created 10-22-1997 by
Gwen and Jerry Minkin
Jason Minkin
August 22 1972 - December 21 1996

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01-25-2015 9:30 PM -- By: Sandi & Bob J.,  From: South Jersey  


Jerry, I guess you must have been surprised that I missed writing in Jason's web site last month. I misplaced the web site link and kept forgetting to ask you for it. Bershert, I just found it.

I might have forgotten the link, but we can never forget you Jason...RIP.

12-22-2014 1:00 AM -- By: Brian,  From: NJ  

 Thinking of you today Jay



12-20-2014 8:17 PM -- By: Nina and Alan Egger,  From: Roseland NJ  

 remembering with love.

08-23-2014 1:14 AM -- By: Nina and Alan Egger,  From: Roseland, NJ  

 Thoughts of Jason today. Always in our hearts. With our love

08-22-2014 11:57 PM -- By: Kevin,  From:  

Happy Birthday Buddy

08-22-2014 11:22 AM -- By: aunt Helen and Uncle Barry,  From:  

Well Jason another year has passed so quickly. Tonight is the Jet/Giant game so we will be thinking of you as we always do. Actually you are always with us. In fact I look at your picture every day and smile. Love you always and forever.

08-11-2014 2:01 PM -- By: SANSI & BOB,  From: NJ  

Gwen & Jerry, Here we are again another year, another birthday that Jason should be with you, your family and friends. All our love always and forever......


12-21-2013 7:53 PM -- By: Brian,  From: NJ  

 Jay-  thinking of you today 


12-19-2013 9:42 PM -- By: ,  From:  

 Once again our hearts and thoughts turn to all of you.

          Love, Nina and Alan


12-07-2013 4:06 PM -- By: Sandi & Bob J.,  From: N.J.  

 Jason here we are in December, 17 yrs since you passed. Still to all of us that miss you, it is like it is 1996 and the clock stands still.. Still missed and loved as much as the first day we heard about the accident. In our hearts always, Love Sandi & Bob


08-22-2013 11:31 PM -- By: Kevin,  From:  

 Happy Birthday Jason

08-22-2013 11:56 AM -- By: Uncle Barry & Aunt Helen,  From:  

Well Jason another year has flown bye.  I look at your photo everyday to remind me what a wonderful nephew you are.  I was going over some fond memories with your dad yesterday.  It brought smiles to our faces for sure.  This year may be the year for your Jets(I am still a giant fan) but time will tell.  I'll let you know how they do.  Miss and love you always.

08-17-2013 12:33 PM -- By: Sandi & Bob J.,  From: N.J.  

I am going to be short with the message this August. Too many birthdays have pasted and we still miss you and think about you often. Love, Sandi & Bob

03-06-2013 2:40 PM -- By: Irwin Goldfarb,  From: Twin Rivers  

I know from speaking to Jason's dad. what a wondrful son Jason is. Although deeply missed Jason lives on through the cherrished and wonderful memories of his mother, father, sister and all those who were fortunate to know him.

01-26-2013 8:18 AM -- By: Vidya Rattan,  From: Trinidad  

 A very special boy

12-23-2012 10:00 PM -- By: Nina and Alan ,  From: Roseland , NJ  

 That time of year when our thoughts are with you and your family.  

12-21-2012 2:18 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Hi Jason,

Well it is another year of missing you and wishing you were here.  You know I  see your smiling face and think of you every day.  Your Uncle Barry is getting old and it gives me a lot of time to think about the good times and fun we shared.  One thing that hasn't changed is your "JETS".  I guess they need you cheering them on.  I promise, I won't kid your Dad about them

All our love, Aunt Helen & Uncle Barry

12-20-2012 2:36 PM -- By: Brian,  From:  

Jay - thinking of you

12-14-2012 11:54 PM -- By: Sandi & Bob,  From:  

So Jason, here we are again. It is the dreaded month of December for your friends and family. It should be a happy time of the year for everyone celebrating holidays...the one flaw is that you are not here to celebrate them with us.  We will always Remember you, Miss you, and most of all always Love you.  Much Love, Sandi & Bob

11-16-2012 6:41 AM -- By: ,  From:  

Gwen and Jerry my heart goes out to you and your family on such a tremendous loss. A magazine article made this comment regarding the death of a child: "The death of a child has been described as 'the ultimate loss,' 'the most devastating death.' whether the child is still young or he is an adult." I hope you find much comfort in the inspired promise to bring back the dead to life: "The hour is coming when all those in the memorial tomb will hear his voice and come our..."

09-11-2012 5:15 PM -- By: Aunt Helen and Uncle Barry,  From:  

Hey Jason,

I guess as we age it's true, short term memory slips away.  However, some memories old or recent about a nephew so loved stay with you forever.  Sooo, I forgot to send a note on your birthday.  My bad, the term used today when one screws up. I know you are always with us and on my mind when I am looking at your photo every day.  That lets me enjoy your company whenever I think of you.  Miss you and love you.

Uncle Barry


08-22-2012 9:52 AM -- By: Brian,  From: NJ  

Happy Birthday Jay.  Thinking of you today and always,

08-22-2012 8:41 AM -- By: Kevin,  From: NJ  

Happy Birthday Jason...thinking of you...

08-21-2012 8:57 PM -- By: Sandi & Bob,  From: N.J.  

The one thing wrong with August is that for too many years we have had to remember your Birthday this way. All the birthday cards that you did not receive, especially this one since it would have been a milestone 40th Birthday. Milestone or not, I still can never love August again and December hurts even more. Miss you always. Sandi & Bob

12-21-2011 12:49 PM -- By: Nina and Alan Egger,  From: Roseland NJ  

Cn it  possibly be 15 years--You will always live lin the heart aand minds of all of us who loved you.  Our thoughts are with your family today as always.  Love, Nina and Alan

12-21-2011 8:33 AM -- By: Brian,  From: NJ  

thinking of you today...


12-20-2011 11:55 AM -- By: Aunt Helen & Uncle Barry,  From:  

Hi Jason,

As always we are thinking of you and of course miss you.  It's amazing how fast a year goes by you are always with us every day.  Well. Tuesday We get to see Alyse and your niece Linsey.  She is precious and you would absolutely love her as much as we love you.  So please keep watch on us.  We know you are with us now and always

Love ya

12-17-2011 1:16 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Here it is December again. All of us family, friends and family friends. I am again in your memorial website typing the... we love you's and the we miss you's like I have done these past many years....too many years, years that we are here without you. We will ALWAYS MISS you and LOVE you.......Sandi & Bob

08-22-2011 5:12 PM -- By: aunt Helen & Uncle Barry,  From:  

Hi Jason,

Well its another year and as always you are very loved and missed.  It has been a busy year and time just seemed to fly bye since our last note to you.  Right now, as we do every day, We are looking at your photo and wish that you were physically here with us.  But you are always with us in our hearts and minds.  Untill next time, with love,            ;    

Aunt Helen & Uncle Barry


08-22-2011 10:19 AM -- By: Tammy,  From: NJ  

 Wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday...


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