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Memorial created 10-22-1997 by
Cindy Jo Greever
Michelle Marie Greever
August 24 1984 - November 5 1993

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04-20-2017 12:55 PM -- By: Mama hen and Family,  From:  

Easter 2017 ~ April 16th

My sweet Michelle,

Happy Easter Dear and Sweet Baby Girl of mine, I hold so many precious Easter memories with you... until we are Together again please continue to shine your love and light upon us as we are reminded especially now that we will be Together for All of Time! Please Hug papa, Oma, Jason and Michael for us! We Love you!

Love, mama hen and Family

12-25-2016 9:35 PM -- By: Mamahen and Family,  From:  

Dear Sweet Daughter Michelle~ Merry Christmas in Heaven, Please Hug Daddy, Bubba and Oma for us until we are with you again. Help us make it through the New Year with your signs and our spiritual guidance from God!! We Love and miss you soooo much!! Love, mama and your whole family

11-05-2016 10:03 PM -- By: Mama,  From:  

Dear Beautiful Michelle, our sweet daughter, sister and friend to all, today we Remember You with lots of Loving Memories, we will be together again one sweet day! Love Always, Mamahen and family

11-05-2016 4:59 AM -- By: Michelle,  From:  

Sorry for your loss. "Happy are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted" (Matthew 5:4. Revelation 21:4)

08-24-2016 8:30 PM -- By: Mama and Family,  From: 16422  

Happy Birrhday Beautiful Sweet Angel Michelle, we Love you to the moon and back and will be with you one sweet day, forever.... Love, mama

08-24-2016 8:20 PM -- By: Just a mom,  From: Tennessee  

Happy earth birthday Michelle...my son Ryan will celebrate with you in heaven today. Your earth family misses you dearly! You are clearly an angel now... Always Ryan P Frye's Mom Jeanne

03-28-2016 12:31 AM -- By: Mama and Family,  From:  

Happy Easter to my Sweet Michelle Marie, we Love You Always and Forever! We will be Together again for all of Eternity! Until then we miss you each and every day... Love, mama, Oma and Family

12-26-2015 2:26 AM -- By: Mama,  From:  

We wish you a Merry Christmas sweet Daughter Michelle, please Kiss papa and Bubba for us, we miss you all so very much! Some Sweet Day We Will be Together for all of time, Thankyou Jesus! Love mama and Oma and Family

08-24-2015 10:08 AM -- By: Mama and Family,  From:  

Dear Michelle! Today we celebrate your 31st Birthday with preciously sweet memories of you that we hold close until we are Together again.. I know you are happy in Heaven with God, Paparoo, Jason and all our loved ones there with you but we miss you so much!! As we feel your loving spirit and know you are with us in our hearts we will Remember you with joy, peace and love, as that is what you always embodied, our most divine Daughter and Child of God. Love Always and Forever, mama and Family ~ John 10:28-29

04-08-2015 10:45 AM -- By: Mama and Family,  From:  

Dear Sweet Michelle, our Belle... and our Easter Chicken!! Remember how mama always called you her baby chicken? And me, your mother hen?! I love and miss you so.... But especially now during the Easter Season and Spring I am reminded again of how life is renewed, life goes on and so do you....embrace our papa for us, your papa rooster and hold him tight. We will be together for Eternity one very sweet day. Love you always and forever my Easter Chicken.... Your Mama and Family who have nothing but sweet memories....to keep us now! John 10:28-29

04-04-2015 9:42 PM -- By: Suzie Larson-Bartlett,  From: Tucson,AZ  

I visited your site and it is beautiful. It is a beautiful dedication to your daughter. I just love the pic with the golden gate. I have lost my oldest daughter and she was 27 my heart goes out to you for losing yours at such a young age. From one mother that will always have a missing part in her heart, Suzie

01-10-2015 8:59 AM -- By: Mama and Family,  From:  

Dear Precious Daughter Michelle, we love you always and miss you more than words could ever say.... Wrap your arms around papa as we start this new year and know that our hearts are nestled with you as our souls will always be...Love always to Eternity, until we are together again~John 10:28-29~your mama

10-13-2014 7:30 PM -- By: RAJ...DOORGA,  From: UK  


04-20-2014 11:17 AM -- By: mama,  From:  

Dear Michelle, Our Belle

Happy Easter Beautiful Daughter of ours, Loving Sister and Friend, we embrace your sweet spirit always. On Easter today we are reminded of your completely Giving ways and your Love for Jesus and God our Father. We will be with you one sweet day, hug daddy for us.

Love, mama and Family ps our Hummingbirds came back yesterday, I saw one last evening, what a special Easter surpise and Blessing from Above!

12-25-2013 2:13 PM -- By: Mama,  From:  

Merry Christmas beautiful baby girl, how we miss you and await being with you again one sweet day, such precious memories have we until then.... Please hug papa and Jason for us and Uncle Bobbl...Love always and forever, mama

11-05-2013 2:08 PM -- By: Mama,  From:  

Dear Shelby

We love you so much and miss you so much. Today may be 20 years you have been in Heaven but it is like you never went away, you are near with us always and we feel your loving spirit always... We will be Together one Sweet Day and until then we will continue to love you and think of your gift of love, happiness and beautiful soul each and every day.

Love Always, Mama and Family

08-24-2013 4:02 PM -- By: mama and Family,  From: WA State  

August 24th 2013 ~

Dear Sweet Daughter Michelle ~

I am wishing you a Happy Heavenly Birthday today, the day you were born 29 years ago... I held you in my arms for the first time and I never let you go... I know Daddy is giving you big hugs and lots of kisses as you celebrate together in Paradise... We miss you both so much but we will be Together again for all time... I wish I knew the peace and beauty that surrounds you now...

Love Always, mama and Family

08-24-2013 5:47 AM -- By: Shari Young,  From: Vancouver, B.C., Canada  

Warmest greetings to you on this your daughter's birthday. It seems the Lord Jesus Christ has lead me here early this morning while reflecting upon my own mother's passing into Glory in 1999. God has richly blessed me today through the story of Michelle's brief life and her love for her Lord. God has faithfully kept His promises to Michelle. May your family rejoice today knowing she is secure in the Presence of our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ.

03-31-2013 8:57 AM -- By: Mama,  From:  

Dear Shelby,

Happy Easter in Heaven dear Daughter. We love you so much and have the sweetest memories in our hearts of you hunting Easter eggs and finding your Easter Basket every Easter morning with your big brother and sister. Going to church with your beautiful dress and a matching wide eyed smile, your happy heart and your Love for God... This is Easter, our reminder that He is Risen for Eternity, as we will be too one sweet day and for now your love is forever tucked inside of our hearts until we are with you again. We miss you and Love you so..

Love Always, Mama, Papa and Family

02-14-2013 11:52 AM -- By: Mama, Papa and Family,  From:  

Happy Valentine's Day to our sweet Michelle Marie! I heard our first Whippoorwill of the year this morning and knew it was a song of Love from You! Love Always and Forever until we are Together again ~

12-20-2012 12:38 PM -- By: mama,  From:  

Dear "Shelby"

I love you and miss you so much!!! I know you and Jason are soaring the Heavens together with "JOY" not only during this special Christmas Season but every day!!! Merry Christmas my Beautiful Daughter and Special Angel, Heaven sent... your precious and sweet memories will keep me until we are Together again... ~

John 10:28-29

Love Always and Forever, your mama and Family ~

11-05-2012 10:43 AM -- By: Mama,  From:  

In Loving Memory ~ Michelle's 19th Angelday ~ 11/5/2012

***M*i*c*h*e*l*l*e*** Eyes of nature green~ auburn sunset hair, full of smiles for the world~ full of love and laughter... She gave of herself her all~ as she held us with her heart, Living for what mattered most~ Inspiring our souls from the start... She captured our spirits~ with her loving and giving ways, Such a contented soul~ always happy all of her days... Love, Mama November 3, 2012~ CindyJo Greever

We Love you Always and Forever Sweet Michelle, our Beautiful Daughter~Love, mama, papa and Family ~ JOHN 10:28-29

08-24-2012 11:06 AM -- By: mama,  From:  

Dear Michelle ~ Our Belle

Happy 28th Birthday in Paradise sweet and Beautiful Daughter ~ we Love and miss you so! Today we celebrate your Birthday and all of the sweet memories of you and with you as you continue to bring us signs of love, hope and the promise that we will be Together again for all of Eternity one sweet day! May you and cousin Jason know how much you are loved and missed until we are Together again ~ We hold you close in our hearts until then Beautiful Shelby.

Love Always and Forever, mamahen, papa and Family JOHN 10:28-29

04-08-2012 12:25 AM -- By: mama,  From:  

Dear Michelle

Happy Easter to my sweet daughter... I love you so much always and forever!! I know you are smiling down on us all and like the Easter page I made for you, because you are always in our hearts and forever a part of our family sweet Shelby. We are forever Together~

Easter Love, mama, papa and Family

02-24-2012 11:22 PM -- By: mama,  From: WA State  

To our Sweet Valentine, Always filled with So much Love! We will Always Love you Michelle :)

Love, mama, papa and Family 2/14/12

12-24-2011 1:06 PM -- By: mama and Family,  From:  

Dear Michelle

Mama loves you and misses you so much our Sweet Angel. Our Christmas will be filled with precious memories of you and we will think of you every time we see the twinkle of the brightest star!

Love Always, mama and Family

11-23-2011 11:16 PM -- By: mama,  From:  

Dear Shelby November 24th 2011

Happy Thanksgiving my Angel, Beautiful Daughter and Friend!! We are Remembering how much you were always so Thankful and this time of year we give Thanks for everything, including memories of you, until we are Together again~

Love, mama, papa and Family

11-05-2011 2:59 PM -- By: Alan Carnahan,  From: Indianapolis, Indiana  

Cindy Jo and family,

On Michelle's 18th angelversary.......I grieve with you as only another parent that has also lost a child......can.

18 years.......we just acknowleadged my son's 4th angelversary this last May. He died when he was 18.

Helping to keep Michelle's memory alive on this special day.......18 years after she went to heaven.

With only memories left of our children.......

11-05-2011 2:04 PM -- By: michellesmama,  From: WA State  

Dear Michelle ~ I can't believe it is 18 years ago today you went to Heaven in Jesus' arms. I have thought of you and missed you every single day with all of my heart and being. I miss you so much. It was I who was put to the test of being without your physical presense but I have learned that you are always, always with me, always near me. Some day I will be with you again in all eternity and it never was nor ever will be, goodbye. It is, see you later, my sweet child... I LOVE YOU 4EVER AND ALWAYS and will have sweet dreams until then~John 10:28-29

4everYourMama and your Family

08-24-2011 1:37 PM -- By: ALEX MOMMY MINDY,  From: KERMAN CA  

What a beautiful young lady. May she shower her love today and always to you and her family. God Bless you all



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